Terrible Accident in Eskisehir Tram!

Eskişehir Tramway Terrible Accident: Alanönü District Alanönü Tram stop at noon in the incident occurred at noon, Atatürk Technical and Industrial Vocational High School student Koray Tok, Otogar-Yunus Emre State Hospital during the arrival of the tram to the stop of the left leg extended to the tram.
In ESKİŞEHİR, Vocational High School student 16-year-old Koray Tok's left foot is trapped between the tram and the platform. Firefighters saved Koray Tok.
Tok's foot is trapped between the tram and the platform, which is about to stop and whose doors are not yet opened.
Upon the notification of the officers, fire brigade, 112 Emergency Service and police teams were sent to the scene. Metropolitan Municipality firefighters broke the window of the tram door and rescued Koray Tok as a result of their work at the passenger entrance.
Koray Tok took him to the nearby Eskişehir State Hospital with his 112 Emergency ambulance. It is stated that the investigation about the incident in which Tok's health is in good condition is continuing.

Source: HaberVitrini



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