THY Prepares for High Speed ​​Train Cooperation in Italy

THY Prepares for High Speed ​​Train Cooperation in Italy: Turkish Airlines (THY) General Manager Temel Kotil stated that they want to increase their influence in the Italian market by cooperating with Nuovo Trasporti Viaggiatori (NTV), the country's first private sector high speed train company.
During his high-speed train journey to Milan, THY General Manager Kotil, who came to Bologna, one of the day-to-day popular destinations of THY in Italy, as the 4th flight destination of THY in 2010, came to meet with local officials and the press. He answered the questions of the AA reporter.
Kotil, who traveled from Bologna to Milan by high speed train named Italo, of the NTV railway transportation company, which is the first in Italy in terms of private sector construction and operation, received information about the high-speed trains from Franco Tronci, Marketing and Sales Department Executive of the Italian company . During the meeting, it was decided to work in more detail on the future cooperation issue between the two institutions.
Touching upon the questions of the AA reporter, from the importance of the Italian market for THY, to the new steps they are preparing to take in this market, to the new aircraft orders and the commercial film with Kobe Bryant-Lionel Messi, Kotil said that the Italian market is of great importance for THY, He emphasized that they made flights to 7 cities in this country.
- "We follow Italy closely, we may have new lines" -
Noting that they follow Italy very closely, Kotil said, “We may have new lines in 2013. First of all, we have to increase it to 5, 6 times a day in Milan. We will increase Bologna to 3. Rome goes up to 5. So we are very busy here. There is also a high-speed train network… These also travel at a speed of 300 kilometers like airplanes. It connects huge distances in a short time. This gives us a new point-like effect. And of course we would like to see this, ”he said.
Pointing out that European airlines go almost everywhere in the continent, Kotil said that as THY, they want to make an agreement with high-speed train companies in European countries and make an effort to deliver their brands everywhere. Kotil stated that high-speed railroads are like the capillaries of Europe and that they can annoy their European rivals a little with this move.
Stating that using the high-speed train network will be beneficial for his institutions, Kotil said, “These trains go all over Italy. We will have the opportunity to go further into Italy by taking passengers through them. We call it 'Code-share'; Hopefully, we will jointly launch a land travel and air flight program. We make the deal within this year. I hope we will enter the Italian market in the new year with 7 cities plus a high speed train ”.
NTV company official Franco Tronci also said that THY has two flights a day to Bologna, that they use this city as a 'hub', therefore, even at the idea stage, the cooperation of the two companies does not sound bad, on the contrary, there are many things that can be done together.

Source: Haberciniz

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