Eyup-Piyerloti Cable Car Line

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Eyüp, one of the projects initiated for the construction of Haliç within the scope of the Urban Design Project initiated by PiyerlotiİBB Presidency in Istanbul, is located on the Eyüp - Pierre Loti Cable Car. intended to be removed.

The Golden Horn (Golden Horn) in the region by foreign tourists, expressed by the name of the Golden Horn's most important looking terrace is Pierre Loti. In the 2005, there is also a binoculars on the terrace floor in the direction of Pierre Loti.

Business Information

Opening Date: 31.11.2005
Line Length: 384 m
Number of Stations: 2
Number of Wagons: 4
Duration: 2,75 Min
Operating Hours: 08: 00 / 23: 00
Number of Guests per Day: 4000 Passenger / Day
Daily Trip Number: 200
TimerSefer Frequency: 5 at peak time

Station Structures

8 is a single-pole single-mast and two-station overhead line transport system. The system has a single rope that is used both as a tow truck and as a carrier. 1.Station on the edge of the Golden Horn and 2. The station Pier Loti is in front of the tea garden.

Excessive wind, carrier rope from the reel out, gondolas stop at the desired point in the station, excessive speed and so on. In the event of an emergency, there is a security system that allows the system to stop automatically and shows information on the control computer with malfunction. Gondolas distance to stations, speeds, motor current, torque, safety switch positions, fault list, active faults, wind speed, etc. technical data can be monitored from computers in stations. The seats in the gondola can be folded and allow wheelchair travel.
Station Area: Golden Horn (Operation) Station is 625m2. Pier Loti (turn) station 250 m2 In case of power failure, the diesel engine is activated and the hydraulic system is activated and the gondolas are safely transported to the stations at a speed of 1 m / sec. Operating Speed: 4.00 m / sec Single Cab Max. Load Capacity (8 personality): 650 kg Load capacity: 576 person / hour Travel Time (station departure and stop at other station): 165 sec. Average Number of Flights per Hour: 18

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