35 Izmir

Expected Report Announced

With the arrival of AliBay in Aliağa, the Aliağa-İzmir road transport process was almost completely destroyed and the report prepared by the Chamber of Automobile and Engineers of Aliağa was revealed. After İZBAN's arrival in Aliağa, it is possible to understand the dimensions of the current problem. [more…]

High Speed ​​Train Lines Map
01 Adana

Map of TCDD High Speed ​​Train

Turkish State Railways High Speed ​​Rail Map: High Speed ​​Train (YHT), is Turkey's first high-speed train. With the start of the sixth expedition yht'n Turkey among the countries using this technology in Europe, it has become the eighth country in the world. TCDD named this train [more…]


51 Domestic vehicles being produced

Our esteemed railway industrialists, as you know, transferred the completion of some of the unfinished metro lines in Ankara to the Ankara Municipality Ministry of Transport (DLH). December 324, for the purchase of 29 metro vehicles for the DLH Ankara metro, [more…]



of passenger cars produced by TÜVASAŞ Bulgaria in the framework of submission to the Railways RAYDER Board of Directors TÜVASAŞ were visited production facilities in Adapazari, this important and comprehensive international projects with Turkey rail sector, the need for domestic production of both [more…]

tunc soyer explained how eshot metro and izban will work
35 Izmir

IZBAN Expedition Hours Change

On request from our passengers 1.Temmuz.2012 Our latest flights from Aliağa station will continue until the Çiğli station on 23: 50 and 00: 10 hours. The last flight from Cumaovasi Station to Aliaga Station will take place at 23: 32. This arrangement [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa needs an 50 wagon

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor and Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydin, Sculpture-Garage (T1), Turkey's first indigenous tram line and tram 'Silkworm' made a presentation about. She expressed that they take into account all the features of the city and the studies conducted while developing technology. [more…]


Rail Transportation Systems and Environment

Electric traction rail systems do not cause street-level emissions. Modern traction equipment ensures the regeneration of braking energy and thus a considerable amount of energy savings. Rail systems are a relatively quiet form of transport and are capable of [more…]


Light rail system coming to Batman

Last weekend Turkey Union of Municipalities his Deputy Mayor attended the meeting in Istanbul attended by Ahmet Bulent Tekin Mayor Serhat Temel, views from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the light rail project that they plan to bring the city [more…]

35 Izmir

Efeler Youth Train Departs from İzmir Alsancak Station

The scope of the Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate of Turkish State Railways train and tours conducted across Turkey Efeler Youth in collaboration with the train, moved from Izmir Alsancak Station. Speaking at the ceremony held at Alsancak Station, Governor Kıraç said, within the scope of the "This Country Is Ours" project [more…]

35 Izmir

Urla TCDD Camp Reapproved Again

In the Aegean Region, TCDD 3. After the demolition decision on the facilities in Urla, which is one of the two big camps belonging to the Regional Directorate, a good news came. Urla Municipality, Council of State 14. It approved the operation of the facilities approved by the Department for demolition. [more…]


Eskişehir Tram Role Revolted

The dilution of the tram routes, the troubles in the tourniquet passes and the long queues especially at the tram stops in front of the hospital, infuriated the citizens waiting in the queue to get on the tram in hot weather. Claiming that the officers at the tram stops are not helping themselves [more…]

34 Istanbul

4 is the 38 year ago, the time now is 1 hours!

The Avcılar-Zincirlikuyu route, which was 38 minutes when the metrobus was put into service, extended to 4 hour after 1 years. We traveled from Avcılar to Zincirlikuyu by metrobus. Travel time, which was 4 minutes 38 years ago, is now 1 hour. Those who get on the first stop are lucky because [more…]

08 Artvin

Çoruh Park and Ropeway to Artvin

AK Party Artvin Province President Av. Erkan Balta, while making important statements; He has given her the good news of two more important services to Artvin. Hunting. Erkan Balta, recently, "One CHP is worth the ten AKP," said Artvin Mayor. [more…]

TCDD Auctions and tender results

Halkalı Construction of Social Facilities at Kantar Location Area of ​​Loj Müd TIR Area

Tender Responsible: Nevzat KAVLAK Tender Manager Phone: 0216 3488020/4441 Tender Manager Fax: 0216 3362257 Announcement Date: 26.06.2012 00:00:00 Tender Date: 10.07.2012 00: 00: 00-14: 30 Condition Name Price: 50 TL Tender Procedure: Construction Works Tender Subject: Construction Works Registration No: 2012/75262 Mail: melahatturker@tcdd.gov.tr ​​HALKALI LOJ. MÜD. TRUCK FIELD SCALE [more…]