Erdogan speaks at Eurasia Tunnel construction

Erdoğan spoke on the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel: President Erdoğan made important statements after testing the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul.
Here are the highlights of Erdogan's statements:
I hope we will open it on December 20 with our beloved nation. We have taken historical steps in transportation in 14 years.
My minister said that 156 million passengers passed through in Marmaray. Since October 29, 2013, 156 million Marmaray has passed from Asia to Asia and from Europe to Asia. These were dreams come true.
Now we switch to the tire system. Double deck. We just wanted to do a test like this. We went from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe with our vehicle. I hope we will open it on December 26th. Here in cooperation with Turkish Korea; In fact, these companies will operate here for 26 years as a combination of the construction process and the operation process; then it will be left to our state. This will be a diversity of understanding of how to make a budget, understanding the operation of the state government on this logic as we showed in the fact that the Republic of Turkey for 14 years. This of course accelerated all our investments.
Binali Bey, who worked as the Minister of Transport for many years, walked these works with my brother.
Here Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is our madrive. The Ottoman Bridge was the iftar of our people.
Important steps for us We will open the first stage of the Airport at the beginning of 2018. We will open the part with a capacity of 90 million. Another step is, I hope the tender of the Kanal istanbul project will be made soon. It is a very important project in terms of connecting the Black Sea with Marmaray! As another step, I hope the price of this project is important. 1 billion 150 million dollars.
All these tunnels are connecting to each other. On the one hand, reaching Yenikapı now brings us to a very important point. Now all heavy vehicles pass through Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. There was no such burden left on Fatih Bridge. There is no such problem on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge. When this place is opened, the load of the 15 July Martyrs Bridge will decrease. Annual fuel saving is very important.
However, it will increase our fuel savings. It will be our time saving. With a 100-year-old project where all kinds of safety precautions are considered, it is now possible to travel without worries as if the weather is foggy. Due to the lack of traffic congestion, the sensitivity at the exits of the tunnels is particularly important here. Despite everything, we continue our investment and I say in the future of modern Turkey we walk with the goal surely the 2023 vision first hand dealt in particular 15 the evening of July believing us to the nation that the answer while stretching the place to those who lived it infamy.
I believe that you are giving the best answer as a nation to those who want to damage the Yenikapı spirit. Now I say that we will be with you when we are opening on December 20.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 17:44

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