The other day I watched the video “TALKED IN USALITY”, which was also published in TRT Documentary on a Social Networking site. I found out how some unwritten rules play an important role in working life. in terms of ETHIC RULES.
Written Laws and sanctions that provide the current life and order of life of people may not be known to many of us, but sanctions directly affect us because they have legal responsibilities. However, Business ethics and Ethical working rules seem to be more effective on people. When they analyze, they see that they apply the rules of society which will amaze them meticulously in the flow of life unconsciously and do not compromise these rules.
I do not fully (or) apply most of the Instructions Regulations during my 35 years of working life, but I can clearly see the success of conducting the relations between us based on the principles of BUSINESS ETHICS and RESPECT / LOVE, which is based on more principles. this rule becomes even more important if we can maintain it in an order.
When we started our profession, since the general of our craftsmen came from Buharlı, we had to obey the efforts to continue to maintain the MACHINERY / FIRE order although we had to abide by it. Local) cleaning, preparing tea juice, etc..Rutin tasks were required to perform. During the journey in a family environment with the love of the master / apprentice must fulfill the duties falling on you. When you spend time, it is more than the time you spend with your family at home, so Family The attitude and order shown in the union must be followed and applied here.
Everyone needs to help each other during the journey, even if you need to find remedies by opening your special problems to each other, you are obliged to do this already, there is no one other than you, if you have a health problem, the first person to help you again, these are the unwritten rules.
There is also a rule called “BUSINESS ETHICS ki which is not written in this rule, but you do not necessarily have to fulfill it, even if you are not among your duties, you have conscientious responsibilities and you have to fulfill these responsibilities, do you do? of course, but your conscience does not leave you alone and you feel guilty, as long as you can to resolve all the negativity, without taking the train you take away, to intervene in a simple breakdowns you can know immediately to proceed with them as soon as possible, Both the victim of the state, as well as harm the passenger to overcome the problem without giving conscientious and at the same time a moral duty.
Here, these unwritten rules are maintained for generations, passing from the master to the apprentice, thanks to these relationships you are fulfilling your profession with pleasure, you will enjoy a great pleasure while doing your job, you find the peace given by fulfilling your duty, maybe you can get your money in conscience peace of mind to make you happy This peace will be reflected in the family life will provide you with the happiness of both your family and your friendship.
I wish a peaceful, happy and accident-free life and wish all employees success in their work.

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