Sivas Mayor Ürgüp Visit to Tcdd Retirees

Sivas Mayor Doğan Ürgüp visited TCDD Pensioners Social Aid Association Sivas Branch President Veysel Açıkalın, who worked for the public good.
According to the statement made by Sivas Municipality, Mayor Ürgüp stated in his speech during the visit that his father worked as cashier at TCDD 65 Business Directorate until the age of 4.
Stating that his brother is still working as an chief in the accounting department, Ürgüp said, “Pension is important. We can call our city 'retirement city'. Most retirees are also railroaders. This is quite normal because it is a period of time in Sivas, its operation and factory, auto maintenance workshops… When you add all the departments, this is an institution where around 7-8 thousand personnel work and 120 percent of Sivas with a population of 10 thousand work. May Allah be pleased with those who brought the railways to Sivas and established them, and those who helped so many people earn bread money. Currently retirees are my brothers. Some of you are older with my father. Even if you are young, you served in the same period with my father. Some of you may have worked with your brother overtime. We are doing our best efforts. I wish you good life. As the mayor of the city and as a railroad boy, we try to help us as much as we can. ”
Employees of TCDD Pensioners Social Welfare Association Sivas Branch Veysel Açıkalın, who worked for the public good, stated that they were pleased with the visit and stated that 4 out of 3 retirees retire from the railways in Sivas.
Stating that the municipality also contributed in the construction and environmental planning of the association building, Açıkalın said, “We would like to have the opening ribbon of the building for you. Your father is also a railroad man. This service building has become a place where retirees will meet, unity will be together, and the next ones will also benefit. ”

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