3rd Metro Line Opened in Cairo, Egypt's Capital

The 2rd line of the Cairo subways, which consists of 4 stations with 5-3 km intervals, connecting the city center with the east line, was opened on 21 February.

Vinci Construction, Bouygues Travaux Publics, Orascom and Arab Contractors jointly undertakes the construction works, where Vinci subsidiary ETF-Eurovia Travaux Ferrorviaires is responsible for rail assembly works material supply and tunnel works for the 11 km section, which will connect Attaba and Abbasiya. The line was completed in 51 months and cost 235 million euros.

It was reported that 60 percent of the second phase of the line was completed and will be opened in 2014. This line is planned to extend from Abbasiya to Al Ahram for 6.5 km and with 5 stations. An agreement was reached with the same construction companies in 569 for 2009 million euros for the construction works on this line. Agreements were reached with Colas Rail as a supplier of equipment and supplies, Alstom for signaling and Mitsubishi for additional railway supply works.

Source: Railway Gazette




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