Putin: Government companies to invest $ 1 billion in 50

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced that state companies will invest 1,5 trillion rubles (50 billion dollars) in the field of innovation and technology next year.

In the Leningrad region of Russia, he made observations at the railway factory production factory and received information from the authorities. Putin, who signed his name in one of the wagons, attended the meeting of the government commission on innovation and advanced technology.

Expressing that state companies should play a leading role in innovation programs, the Russian Prime Minister said, X In the next decade, the share of innovation-targeted production in the industrial production of Russia needs to reach 4,5-5 from 25-30. The share allocated for research and development will be increased up to 2020-2,5 of the gross national product up to 3. Unfortunately, now 1,16 percent. X

Referring to the necessity of modernizing the new ones and creating new ones, Putin stated that innovation works should be supported on a project basis and state companies should assume the role of catalyst in the areas that are particularly risky.

Energy, information technology, communication, biomedical and nuclear technology, the five sectors of the priority noted that the Prime Minister of Russia, the top managers of companies to be linked to the success of key innovation studies asked to be connected.

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