3. Interesting suggestion for the Bosphorus bridge! (Exclusive news)

All Engineers and Architects Union Platform (TMMBP) Chairman Architect-Economist Remzi Kozal stated that they are producing interesting projects for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge to be built in Istanbul.

Reminding that the tender works for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge to be built in Istanbul are continuing, Kozal said, “One way or another, this bridge will be tendered and started to be built soon. The important thing is to realize a project that will provide maximum benefit. In this context, the third Bosphorus Bridge, which I have been thinking and dreaming about for many years, and working on, has now been designed in a concrete way. Completely can be developed to be a very important symbol for the work carried out by Turkish architects and engineers need to be further developed for and Istanbul and Turkey, "he said.

Official authorities design, they are ready to meet all requirements, such as consulting expressing Kozal, "Turkish architects and engineers, Turkey is much more beautiful to be good acquaintances, there is no doubt they will prepare much more useful projects. Therefore, our engineers and architects should prepare and execute their applications, not foreigners, by paying the 3rd Bosphorus bridge with laden money. ”

Kozal said, “During our project works, we exchanged ideas on various engineering issues, and also exchanged views on the project with some world-renowned company officials on the suspended and havaray systems. Bridge, subway, mutual four lane auto passage, Havaray (alternative for urban transportation, train going on the rail carried by air poles), Asmaray (transporting people with cabinets suspended in the air ropes), 3 + 1 vehicle transition at the same time. It can be made. These four passes increase the normal bridge cost by up to 4 percent. Thus, while the maximum benefit is provided with the third bridge, the need for a new bridge will be minimized in the future. On the other hand, pedestrian crossings can be ensured by raising the bridge railings with transparent materials. Especially, with this system, which will be organized as a paid passage and cruise venue, significant income can also be obtained. With this arrangement, the 50rd bridge will be one of the most important attractions that tourists will visit. Bridge; It consists of two 3 meter high towers on the European and Asian sides. While the towers carry the bridge and other passage systems safely, they are also considered as transparent, aesthetic and symbolic structures where there are various activities. People can be transported to various parts of the towers by taking a floored parking lot and transparent elevators mounted on columns. In each tower; restaurants, congress and meeting halls, cafeterias, cultural centers and a number of special sections with a 200-star hotel service are considered. There are also helipads on the towers and they can be used when necessary. ”

Saying that Asmaray system can be used for two different purposes, President Remzi Kozal said, “First, cabins that can carry up to 38 passengers under normal conditions can be used for groups up to 20-30 people, restaurant, cafeteria, and for private meeting purposes. People will be able to sip some of their teas and coffees in Asia and some in Europe by watching Istanbul at a height of 200 meters above the Bosphorus. In fact, many of the rich world afternoon touring aircraft with a fabulous meal to come Strait in Turkey in Europe and Asia will be able to return to eat. The second use of the Asmarara can be for urban transportation. When the altitude is sufficient, the system can operate safely at a distance of five thousand meters without intermediate mast and 80 kilometers of wind (storm). We may have brought Istanbul to a transportation system that was built in a very cheap way in the city, with the havaray system to be located on the third bridge, with only enough places to be erected (with poles to be erected every 200 meters). This system is extremely safe and it does not have a traffic congestion. Passing this system through the third bridge, with Üsküdar-Sultantepe from both sides of the Bosphorus. Kabataş- A rotating transportation system can be created with the havaray to be built between Taksim. Later, we can integrate the Bosphorus Doner by installing the Asmaray system on the passenger-intensive axes of Istanbul. ”

Remzi Kozal finished his speech and said:

“The integration of the metro pass with the metro structures on both sides of the Bosphorus and the tube pass will create mutual returns, which will significantly relieve passenger transport and therefore traffic. Transit auto traffic should be completely transferred to this bridge. This bridge will also be in a very important position as an emergency exit during an earthquake, as it is located in the northernmost part of the earthquake fault line in the north of Istanbul. Since the north of Istanbul is more hilly and higher than the south, the connection roads can be built with viaducts and tunnels, while vegetation can be enriched by planting lots of trees along the roads while minimizing damage to the environment and green. Uncontrolled and crooked construction must be prevented by planning the third Bosphorus Bridge passage and connection road routes and their close surroundings. ”

Source: UAV

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