Erdem Saker: Turning From False to Right for Bursaray

virtue saker
virtue saker

With the opening of the BursaRay Emek line, while hoping that the ongoing discussions on the construction method of the line will come to an end, its continuing has prompted me to investigate BursaRayda true / false again. Necati Şahin, Head of İMO Bursa Branch, started the discussion by taking a stand against the statements of Mayor Recep Altepenin that they brought the Labor Line for free with the savings they made from the route change they made on the University line, at the opening ceremony of the Labor Line at Recep Altepe, both the people of Bursa and the contractor company doing the work. In front of his senior officials, he emphasized that with the project change they made, this section was made within the same tender price. Actually, I took part in the episode where this change process was initiated, and maybe I was one of those who caused the change to be made.

Namely; My objections started when I learned that when the construction of the university line started, the route within the University was changed, and that a tunnel was placed on a route that aimed to enter the University instead of the line going from the surface in the project, which was approved by Teoman Özalp and DLH, and was approved by DLH. When Recep Altepe took office, I told him about the subject, I showed the mistake of the change made to them in the on-site inspection with his technical team, they found my reaction to the change of route justified and the change process started like this. Of course, there were two cornerstones on which this change will be settled, one of them and the easy one was the construction of the implementation project of the new route, which the project company took care of the issue. The difficult thing was to put this change on a solid basis in a turnkey contract, as the İMO President emphasized in the press conference, this solid foundation could only be laid with mutual agreement of the parties due to the structure of the contract. While watching this change process, I learned that the change project was being done, the discovery decline caused by the change was calculated and the parties sat at the table to agree.

I received the information that the cost reduction provided by the change was approximately 23 million Euros in contract prices, this difference was considered primarily for the extension of the University Line to Görükley, but this free amount was not sufficient to extend the said extension. At that time, it was said that the OIZ Line was returned, and within the aforementioned reduction in exploration, the Korupark underground station and the Emek aboveground station, consisting of 2233m. I know that the parties sat down at the table and signed the contract content change agreement. While these studies were going on, I tried to convince the Mr. President and his team that the construction of the Emek station location at the parking lot in front of the Renault factory would be much more effective in terms of the functionality of the park & ​​ride system, but I realized that they were careful to fill the 23 million Euro difference in order to avoid a contractual problem.

In the meantime, it should not be forgotten that our Municipality is constantly under the Audit of the Court of Accounts regarding the contract applications and payments, in order to understand how strict this audit is, it would be enough to say that the currency of the TCA Auditors is kurus, during my 23-year DSI Regional Directorate and my 5-year Presidency As a person who gives account, I am one of those who know by living the necessity of an error-free formation behind every signature made by Mr.President. In such a tight control mechanism, Mr.President has no chance to make a penny mistake, so I am one of those who believe that the difference calculated very carefully is spent in cent in accordance with the terms of the contract in the Labor Line extension. In fact, we cannot look at the project change on the University line, or rather the return to the approved final project, as a saving of money, much more important is to prevent the University Line from being blocked. If the tunnel was entered into the University, the line would end there, it would be impossible to extend this line from the University to Görükley and forward, whereas the line in operation today is open, without affecting the life in the University or entering the unbearable tunnel costs, the line was requested. This is a change that cannot be ignored.

As for the claim that it is wrong to not pass the University Line through the İzmir road, I would like to emphasize that this issue was carefully examined in my period, during the final project construction process. Namely; In the Environmental Plan, which we put into practice in my period and named as the Bursa Constitution, the Shrub side of the Izmir road was defined as the Agricultural Area to be Protected, DSI built the Cali and Kayapa ponds for irrigation of this area and therefore it was defined as a region with very low passenger density. On the other hand, considering that Özlüce-Ertuğrul Kent region, which was opened as a new residential area in my period, will produce high passenger density between Beşevler-University stations, the line was pulled in from the İzmir road. In fact, a very effective function of this line was to carry the passenger density to be produced by the West Sports Valley, which consists of a new stadium with a capacity of 40 thousand spectators - an indoor sports hall with a capacity of 10 thousand and a standard golf course, unfortunately this will shine bright lights on the future of our city. My formation was thrown into the garbage, whenever the BursaRay University line comes in front of me, I feel the pain of this destruction inside me. As a result, with a rational change made in the tender content of the BursaRay University Line, both the extension of the line in the coming years has been paved and the cost reduction has been achieved in the direction of Mudanya, which is effective for the OIZ and Emek transportation. Additional line in length has been obtained. In my opinion, as a Bursa citizen, I think we should thank for the application…

Source: Ekohaber - Erdem Saker

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