Fast train between Ankara and Aydin

Fast train between Ankara and Aydin: Continuous struggle readers recall. Years ago, the struggle brought the high-speed train service between Aydın and Ankara.

Broadcasting made a sound, TCDD officials from Ankara came to Aydın. An official also met with me.

“The rails are weak”

In their research, they determined that Aydınlıs do not want a high-speed train.

“If the rails are renewed, this issue may be put on the agenda in the future!” As far as I know, the rails between Izmir and Afyon have been renewed and the line has been strengthened.

Express train runs between Denizli and Istanbul. The maritime businessmen get on the train in the evening, land in Istanbul in the morning.

High speed train services between Aydın and Ankara will be very useful.

I think it is especially suitable for large families, businessmen, politicians, students…

I find it useful to put this issue on the local agenda by our MPs and NGOs.

Not for passenger transport alone.

I think it would be suitable for the transportation of agricultural products to Ankara.

Fast electric trains in Europe are very important tasks in transportation between cities.

30 years ago I made an electric train ride between Frankfurt and Munich on an hourly 5.5.

During the 5.5 hour journey, no delays were made between the train stations and reached Munich exactly at the hour.

It's been 30 years.

Turkey is not yet in rail transport (in spite of all restructurings coupling) could come to that point ..

The reason is that the political powers of the past years regarded the heirloom DDH as a step-son.

I congratulate the AKP Government and the Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım for their importance to FDI on this issue.

I hope that;

Ankara Aydın-Ankara high-speed train project is put on the agenda and required.

Source: Struggle - Mustafa Çezik

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