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There Was Once Upon Adapazari Express

AK Party highways in Turkey, was also produced in large projects as well as in railway bridges. I don't underestimate the “High Speed ​​Train.. YHT is a great boon for Turkey and must be widespread. But long distance [more…]


Eastern Express with Masala Journey

Journey to the Masala with the Eastern Express: The trains departing from Istanbul for years now depart from Ankara with the arrival of the high-speed train. The adventure of the East Express, where we listen to dozens of legends, is a six-hour bus ride from Istanbul to Ankara. [more…]

34 Istanbul

What will be Haydarpasa Station

What will happen to Haydarpaşa Station: I am sure that there are many people wondering about the future of the historical Haydarpaşa Station. The last train arrived a few months ago, unloading its passengers and standing on platform 1 as a decoration. a few evenings [more…]

06 Ankara

Haydarpasa Train Station

Ankara station will take back the "coming from Haydarpaşa direction..." announcement! We are on watch for Haydarpaşa Station every Sunday between 13:00 and 14:00 from now on… “Haydarpaşa Station is the Station Will Remain!” People of Ankara, who said, on Sunday, September 23, [more…]

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Ankara Express from Sirkeci

It is absurd to remove the Ankara Express from SİRKECİ, isn't it non-economic? So why do most of the buses depart from Istanbul to Anatolian cities leave from Bayrampasa Bus Station on the European side? That's why they have to cross the bridge. Whereas [more…]

06 Ankara


I closed the railway. That's it, when I say “I closed it or, it closes. Road closed; Turkey's railway between Istanbul and one of the world's largest city, the capital of the Republic of Turkey in Ankara. 15 million per year [more…]