international alanya bicycle festival preparations started
07 Antalya

International Alanya Cycling Festival

The preparations for the International Alanya Bicycle Festival, which will be held for the second time this year, have started. The festival, which was held for the first time in Alanya last year, will open its doors to bicycle lovers again. Despite adverse weather conditions last year, 24 [more…]

price gesture to the citizens on the cable car
07 Antalya

Alanya Cable Car 10 Lira

MHP District President Mustafa Türkdoğan went to the Alanya cable car today to examine the price and also gave information about the work on the cheap ride of the people of Alanya to the cable car. Türkdoğan, “The Municipality of Alanya [more…]

alanya cable car price schedule
07 Antalya

Alanya Cable Car Price Schedule

Alanya Teleferik Price Tariff Lips: The tariff implemented by Alanya Teleferik is collecting reactions. The ticket price of Alanya's 37 annual dream cable car finally saw the 28 lira. President of THD [more…]

demirtas new koprusune kavustu
07 Antalya

Demirtaş is at the New Bridge

The opening of the bridge, sports facility and election coordination office, which Demirtaş Neighborhood is looking forward to, was held with the participation of citizens close to 4000. Demirtas Bridge, which is offered to Aliefendi, İspatlı, İshaklı, Seki and Kargıcak Neighborhoods [more…]

alanya traffic training parkinda 2 donem began
07 Antalya

2 in Alanya Traffic Education Park. Term Begins

With the opening of schools in Alanya Municipality Traffic Education Park, the second semester began to education. In the first semester of 2018-2019, Alanya Municipality Traffic Training Park which provides traffic education to 20.940 people in the second semester [more…]


Expanding Dimçayı Way

Alanya Municipality, Dimçayı road expansion and regulation work has started. The works carried out in the direction of Belt Bridge and the Believers Primary School are carried out with 2 big bucket and 4 truck. Alanya Municipality, thousands of locals every year [more…]

demirtas yenidamlar koprusu completed
07 Antalya

Demirtaş Yenidamlar Bridge Completed

The 55 meter-long 10 meter-wide Yenidamlar Bridge, which was built by Alanya Municipality on the Sedre Stream in Demirtas District, was completed. The construction of the bridge started by Alanya Municipality in Demirtas Neighborhood was completed. 2010 [more…]