Mersin's Yoruk Traditions Revived in Antalya
07 Antalya

Mersin's Yoruk Traditions Revived in Antalya

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which represents Mersin in the best way by participating in national and international organizations, participated in the 'International Yoruk Turkmen Festival' organized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for the second time this year. [more…]

Özgür Özel Became the 'th Chairman of CHP
06 Ankara

Özgür Özel Became the 8th Chairman of CHP

In the general presidential election at the 38th Ordinary Congress of the CHP, the voting was left to the second round because the absolute majority could not be achieved. The results of the second round of voting have been announced. Özgür Özel, in the second round [more…]