'Special Needs Children's Break House' Continues to Host its Members

Children with Special Needs Continue to Host Members of the Break House
'Special Needs Children's Break House' Continues to Host its Members

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its human-oriented works in line with its goal of 'Accessible Capital', continues to host children with special needs between the ages of 3-6 at the 'Children with Special Needs Break House' serving in Anıttepe and Sincan.

Thanks to the Mola Houses, children with special needs have the opportunity to socialize in a safe environment, while families who cannot spare time for their private work because they cannot leave their children alone create time for themselves. 88 children benefit from the service, which families are very pleased with.

The families who brought their children to Mola Houses shared their satisfaction with the following words:

Gamze Pigeon: “I have a 4,5-year-old daughter. We have been coming to Mola Evi for about 8-9 months. Previously, I only let my child go when I had work. Afterwards, the interest and friendliness of the employees was very nice to my daughter. They made their love feel so beautiful. My daughter loves it here. Whenever my daughter wants, I can come here and leave with peace of mind. While my child is having a happy time here, I and I do my work with peace of mind. They take care of it so well, they are so attentive that I was very surprised that it was free. We use this service frequently.”

Pinar Bilgin: “We are coming to Mola Evi for my 5,5-year-old child… We found this place by chance, it is a very nice project. Labour would like to thank everyone who contributed. Families of children with special needs have a hard time finding a place to leave their children. My son loves coming here. I leave with confidence whether I have a job or not. We love the employees like a family environment, we trust them very much.”

Günceleme: 02/01/2023 14:31

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