Assigning a Pre-School Teacher for Tuition

Assigning a Pre-School Teacher against Tuition Fee
Assigning a Pre-School Teacher for Tuition

The Ministry of National Education allowed pre-school teachers to be assigned in "support training room" trainings for pre-school inclusion students in return for an additional course fee.

The Presidential Decision on the Amendment of the Decision Regarding the Lessons and Additional Lesson Hours of the MEB Administrators and Teachers entered into force after being published in today's issue of the Official Gazette.

With the amendment, the article titled “assignment in return for a course fee” of the Council of Ministers decision dated 1 December 2006 was revised.

In this context, the phrase "preschool education for pre-school teachers" has been added to the relevant article, following the phrase "classroom teachers" and limited to the education to be given to preschool students in the support training room within the scope of the Special Education Services Regulation.

Thus, pre-school teachers who take part in the education of pre-school students who continue their education through inclusion/integration in the support education rooms were provided with additional tuition fees in return for these duties.

Günceleme: 10/01/2023 14:54

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