New Assault Boat Designs by ARES Shipyard Ares 32 Dagger and Predator

New Assault Boat Designs from ARES Shipyard Ares Dagger and Predator
New Assault Boat Designs by ARES Shipyard Ares 32 Dagger and Predator

ARES Shipyard introduced the new ARES 32 torpedo boat family. ARES Shipyard General Manager Utku Alanç made the following statements about the ARES 32 family, which has two different configurations, DAGGER and PREDATOR:

“We developed ARES 32 PREDATOR and DAGGER for 2 different requests in the Middle East and Africa, but the customers are confidential for now. Thanks to our experience in our naval systems solutions, ARES 32 gunboats will take their place as new game changers in the naval field. With the cooperation of ROKETSAN and with these new generation gunboats, we will change the established perceptions in the industry.”

ARES 32, 32 meters long; It has a speed of 45 knots and high maneuverability. ARES 6, which can remain operational until Sea State 32, has a range of 2000 nm. Thanks to its high speed and long range, the newly designed MEB protection will take place as a new alternative for hit-and-run tactics. ARES 32, which will use X and S band radar; It houses the RHIB boat stationed on the Electro Optic systems and the rear ramp for search and rescue missions. In DAGGER and PREDATOR, there are 25/30 mm guns with RCWS and 2 manual armed 12.7 mm machine guns as common weapons.

PREDATOR configured for long range attacks; It carries ROKETSAN ÇAKIR mini cruise missile with a range of 2+ km in 150 single canisters and 4 L-UMTAS laser guided missiles deployed to the YALMAN/KMC weapon system. ARES 32, the first platform that ARES Shipyard has officially announced to use ÇAKIR, may be followed by the recently announced surface warfare configuration of ULAQ SİDA.

DAGGER, on the other hand, carries 2 quad launchers for short-range Laser/IIR guided missiles. The similarity of the launcher in the image shared by ARES Shipyard with the ASELSAN LMM missile launcher draws attention. Considering the weapon load, it can be deduced that DAGGER is designed for areas where asymmetric threats are intense.

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