Nutritional Advice for Desk Employees

Nutritional Advice for Desk Employees
Nutritional Advice for Desk Employees

Employees who have to eat their meals at the desk should be more careful about nutrition. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave information about the subject.

In general, it is thought that those who work at the desk will have a weight problem. You can't spend the food you eat if you can't move, so it is thought that these meals will remain as your belly, hips or hips. In fact, the food we eat contains the nutrients that the body needs and does not need to be spent. On the contrary, doing extreme sports for the sake of spending disrupts the energy balance of the body. In fact, it is possible for those who work at the desk not to gain weight with a few simple suggestions, and even to return to the ideal body by losing weight.


1- Since we work at a desk and do not work physically, let's stay away from bread while eating, if necessary, let's eat more, but let's not eat bread to be full. Your body will get used to this situation in about 3 days.

2- Our digestive system is the organ that slows down when we are immobile. In order to absorb the food in the intestines into the body, we need a little movement. For this reason, let the patients walking in the hospital corridor come to mind and try to walk a little to get the bowels moving, albeit slowly.

3- Even if we pull our legs towards our stomach under the table during the day, it is better than nothing. Occasionally, we can get up and take 2-3 steps.

4- Never skip our breakfast and lunch in the morning. Let's leave a gap of at least 5 hours between breakfast and lunch. Let's eat a little at both meals.

5- Let's wait to get hungry for dinner, let's not act as if we have to eat when we return home in the evening.

6-If we work at a desk, we get hungry around 17:00 – 18:00, but this hunger is not a desire to eat but a desire to move. Let's not confuse the two. Let's take care to walk on the way home in the evening and if we feel hungry around 17:00 - 18:00, let's choose a liquid and easily digestible food such as milk, ayran, yogurt. If our hunger has passed, let's wait until we are very hungry again.
7- In the evening, let's stay away from fruits, salads and dried fruits and do not eat such foods, as they are difficult to digest and will keep our digestive system busy until morning. Let's choose an easily cooked vegetable dish, soup or a cooked meal.

8- Since we are sitting at a desk all day, let's not sit in front of the TV for long hours in the evening, at least in the house, let's take a rhythmic walk or cycle for at least 10 minutes without tiring ourselves too much. Let's take the example of patients walking in the hospital corridor.

9- Just before going to bed in the evening, let's shake our body for 3-5 minutes, let's pretend that our feet are jumping without being off the ground. When we sleep at night, this movement stimulates the formation of collagen in the areas that shake and relax in the connective tissue, and we tighten from the belly area.

10-Let's try not to sleep too late at night. In order for the body to be rebuilt, we must sleep for at least 23 hour between 00:02 and 00:1 at night.

People who try to implement these suggestions start to tighten and lose weight, even if they do not do heavy sports.

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