First Expert Meeting of the Second Century's Economics Congress 'We Are Agree with Each Other'

The First Expert Meeting of the Economics Congress of the Second Century
First Expert Meeting of the Second Century's Economics Congress 'We Are Agree with Each Other'

The preparatory meetings of the Second Century Economics Congress, which will be held by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality between 15-21 February 2023, continue. After the Stakeholder Meetings, which were held between August 10 and December 1, 2022 and constitute the first phase of the congress, the second phase of the congress activities, the Expert Meetings, starts on 13 January.

In this context, Expert Meetings will be held under four different headings. The first Expert Meeting, titled “We are Agree with Each Other”, will be held on January 13, 2023 at the St. Vukolos Church in Izmir with wide participation.

First Meeting “We are in agreement with each other”

The first expert meeting to be held at St. Vukolos Church in Izmir on January 13, 2023, “We Are Agree with Each Other”, will bring together representatives of communities with different economic, social and cultural characteristics and 48 experts working on democracy and human rights. At the meeting where a wide representation will be ensured, the participants will ask, “How can we establish a country that is more compatible with each other in Turkey of the second century?” will look for the answer.

48 experts will examine the three declarations put forward in previous stakeholder meetings conceptually and academically and will make recommendations for the delegates who will meet again at the main congress. All the discussions to be held at the meeting will contribute to the development of a strong democracy required for 'harmony with each other', which is one of the economic foundations of Turkey in the second century.

Four Expert Meetings to be Held

The final texts prepared as a result of the Farmer, Worker and Industrialist-Merchant-Tradesman Meetings held in the first stage of the congress were shared with the public. The Expert Meetings, which constitute the second phase, will continue until the first week of February.

Expert Meetings will be held on the basis of the titles of harmony with each other, with our nature, with our past and with the future, which constitute the pillars of the concept of 'Circular culture'.

The dates of the expert meetings will be as follows:

  • 'We agree with each other' meeting January 13
  • 'Back to Our Nature' meeting 20 January
  • 'We Understand Our Past' meeting January 25
  • 'We See the Future' meeting February 4

Economic Congress of the Second Century

After the Expert Meetings, the Second Century Economics Congress will be held between February 15-21, 2023, and policy proposals that will shape the new century will be shared with all of Turkey.

The secretariat of the congress is carried out by the İzmir Planning Agency (İZPA) affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. You can visit for detailed information and event calendar about the Second Century Economics Congress.

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