Long Life 'Blue Zones' The Common Secret of the Blue Zones in the World!

Longevity in the World Blue Zones The Common Secret of the Blue Zones
Long Life 'Blue Zones' The Common Secret of the Blue Zones in the World!

General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Salim Balin gave information about the subject. Loma Linda, Nicoya, Sardinia, Ikaria, and Okinawa were discovered as the five regions with the highest percentage of centennial population in the world and have been the subject of various studies in recent years.

Sardinia: It is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean that is home to the world's longest-lived men. Walking more than 8 kilometers a day is typical for Sardinian men, which benefits bone, muscle and cardiovascular health. The Sardinian diet consists of “whole grain bread, beans, garden vegetables and fruits.” Meat is usually eaten once a week. There is limited alcohol consumption.

Okinawa: It is a Japanese island in the East China Sea that is home to the world's longest living women. Centennials from Okinawa have a culture of social safety nets that provide financial and emotional support and reassure their members that they always have someone by their side. Okinawans live a long life, it is essential for them to stop eating when they feel 80% full.

Nicoya: A city in Costa Rica where they spend far less than the United States spends on healthcare and more than double the chance of living to age 90. Their reasons for living, beliefs and families play vital roles in Nicoyan culture. Nicoyans avoid processed foods and instead eat tropical fruits rich in antioxidants. Its juices are rich in the electrolytes calcium and magnesium, which can reduce the risk of heart disease and optimize bone strength.

Ikaria: It is a small island off the coast of Greece where life expectancy is eight years longer than Americans. Dementia in Ikaria residents is almost non-existent. Ikarians eat "a variant of the Mediterranean diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, potatoes and olive oil."

Loma Linda: This community in California lives ten years longer than the average American. They primarily have a vegan diet of "leafy greens, nuts and legumes." They spend one day a week resting.

What is the Blue Zone Diet?

They consume foods containing high fiber and seasonal vegetables; garden vegetables in season, kale, spinach, cauliflower, turnips and greens such as beets, chard and kale. Whole grains, seasonal fruits and beans are at the top of Blue Zones meals.

  • They consume high-quality proteins; They consume red meat once a month and seasonal seafood twice a week.
  • Milk consumption is very limited; Fermentation products of ovine milk are often used instead of milk. In the form of yogurt, cheese.
  • Egg consumption 4-5 per week
  • Minimal consumption of sugar
  • They consume 2 handfuls of raw nuts a day
  • Eats whole grain sourdough bread
  • Their daily water consumption is 8-10 glasses and they consume tea and coffee
  • They get up from the table before they are full, they don't leave their dinner late and they prefer light foods.

Kiss. Dr. Salim Balin continues his words as follows;

What are their lifestyles like other than food?

  • Family and social ties are strong
  • Their daily mobility is at a high level. They have movements of up to 8 kilometers.
  • They keep their stress at a controllable level. Blue Zone residents have routines that naturally help them reduce stress by meditating, praying, or socializing.

Many people are constantly looking for a "recipe" for a longer life. Simple lifestyle changes, including dietary changes, daily exercise, and social life, can improve health and prolong lifespan. Above all, we can focus on a life with a high quality of life.

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