Ways to Lose Weight in Winter

Ways to Lose Weight in Winter
Ways to Lose Weight in Winter

A survey on Instagram indicates that 63% of people want to lose weight. Dietician Serenay Bender, who states that being cold during the winter months accelerates weight loss, explains the ways to lose weight in winter.

Those who want to get rid of the weight gained in the summer start a diet during this period when cold weather is felt. According to the results of the survey, in which more than 4 thousand people, who are closely related to health and fitness, participated in Instagram, 63% of people want to lose weight, and 46% aim to reach their determined weight within a year. For this reason, the rate of those who are weighed every day reaches 40%. However, instead of applying the right nutrition methods, many people resort to products that support fat burning. While 50% of respondents use at least one product to support their weight loss, 10 out of 9 say they have only basic knowledge of the concepts of proper nutrition. Those who want to lose weight in a healthy way by eating right find the solution by applying to dietitians.

Noting that the winter months are the ideal time to lose weight, Dietician Serenay Bender evaluates the issue with the following words: “One of the reasons why the winter months are chosen to lose weight is that the cold weather allows calories to be burned faster. The high fiber content of winter fruits and vegetables also facilitates weight loss. Studies show that being cold increases fat burning by 3 to 30%. However, those who want to take advantage of the cold weather while trying to lose weight, also miss important aspects of nutrition.”

Being cold accelerates weight loss

Stating that the fat cells in the body are divided into two, Serenay Bender said, “While the white cells in our body cause more and quicker weight gain, the brown cells try to keep the body temperature in balance by burning the fat in a short time. As soon as our body feels cold, it activates brown cells to keep the temperature in balance. Thus, while white fat cells are burned, this is released as lost energy and the metabolic rate increases. However, many people use the wrong methods instead of these algorithms to speed up the weight loss process and starve themselves for a long time.

Long-term fasting means more fat

Dietician Serenay Bender says that being hungry for a long time harms human health, “Even though it seems like being hungry accelerates weight loss, even the low-calorie foods taken afterwards are consumed more slowly to maintain the metabolism. Because the body protects itself and stores every calorie taken as fat. The body cannot endure this type of eating habit for a long time, and when the old eating habits are returned, the lost weight is quickly regained. In fact, it is enough to gain healthy eating habits to prevent this situation, which triggers various health problems, and to keep the achieved weight constant.

It is necessary to consume walnuts and flax seeds during the winter months.

Emphasizing that no food is superior to the other, Serenay Bender shared the following information on healthy nutrition: “Skipping any food and meal leads to disruption of daily routines and increases the risk of disease. Because each food group has a different function. Therefore, those who want to lose weight in a healthy way should take care to consume adequate amounts of each food group, taking into account the variety of food. In addition, it is critical that they stop using sugar and take a lot of walks. Especially in the winter period when the sun disappears, foods rich in OMEGA 3 fatty acids such as walnuts, flax seeds and purslane bring benefits.”

Favorites of the diet in winter fruits and vegetables: Orange, tangerine, pomegranate, spinach, carrot, leek

Underlining that drinking 2 liters of water every day helps to remove edema and toxins, Serenay Bender listed the fruits and vegetables that can be consumed in winter as follows: “The first step of a healthy diet is to consume the right fruits and vegetables at the right time. It is necessary to increase the body's resistance by consuming seasonal fruits against diseases such as flu, colds and colds that occur especially in winter. For this, oranges, tangerines, pomegranates, apples, pears, pumpkins and lemons take the first place among the fruits to be consumed in winter, while spinach, carrots, leeks, radishes, cabbage, yams and black cabbage should be eaten first in vegetables.”

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