The Future of Skin Health Lies in Technology

The Future of Skin Health Lies in Technology
The Future of Skin Health Lies in Technology

The number of people complaining of skin problems is increasing day by day around the world. According to research from the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology, nearly one in every 2 people (43 percent) states that they have suffered from at least one dermatological problem in the past year. While spots stand out among the skin problems, Dermatology Specialist Hande explained that the first causes of skin spots are sunburn, acne and pigmentation disorder.

According to the study conducted by the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology on skin problems, which are an important public health issue, in 27 countries, almost one out of every 2 people (43 percent) said that they suffered from at least one dermatological problem in the last year, while acne is the most common ailment. The importance of technological solutions in dermatological treatments is increasing day by day with the increasing prevalence of problems such as acne that cause stains on the skin. While digital devices make it easier and faster for specialists to detect and treat skin disorders, research on the subject shows that laser beam treatments developed with the latest technology are more beneficial than manual treatments.

Saying that laser devices produced with artificial intelligence will be used more frequently in dermatological treatments in the future, Dermatology Specialist Hande National evaluated the issue with the following words:

“Devices produced with the latest technology are now frequently used in dermatological treatments, as in many areas of medicine. Despite this, many private clinics and beauty centers providing services in this field have difficulty in catching up with these developments. However, laser devices produced with the latest technology in most dermatological disorders, especially those that leave permanent marks on the skin, not only provide more practical results, but also enable a healthier and more hygienic treatment process compared to manual intervention.

Laser devices help treat skin blemishes

Emphasizing that technological devices will guide the detection and treatment processes of skin problems in the future, Dermatology Trainer and Specialist Hande National said, “Although the healing of skin wounds differs from person to person, it can take a long time. In particular, the healing of the spots left by the wounds on the skin can sometimes take weeks or even months. While researchers are working on new solutions to shorten the regeneration and healing process of the skin, it is more beneficial for experts to follow the natural reactions of the person at this point and perform the treatment with these solutions. We also provide services in many areas from acne scar treatment to skin tightening, from wrinkles to scars and chronic redness with the latest technology laser devices we use in our center.” said.

Patients seek answers to their questions about skin problems

Answering the questions that patients wonder about the use of technological devices in spot treatment, Dermatology Specialist Hande National comments on laser spot treatment:

“While technological devices change the practice of dermatological treatments, it is very important to inform patients in this process. Because most of the patients, when they apply to us, are looking for answers to questions such as what is spot treatment, how is spot treatment done, is the laser method reasonable in spot treatment, why skin spots occur. As an expert on the international staff of Aptos and the FDA-approved dermal filler Restylane, I answer all the questions my patients have about the relationship between technology and skin treatments before starting treatment.”

Sunburn, acne and pigmentation disorder can cause skin blemishes.

Stating that sunburn, acne and pigmentation disorder are the first causes of skin spots, Dermatology Specialist Hande National said, “Although skin spots are common all over the world, the treatment also varies from person to person. For this, before applying the skin treatment, specialists should perform a skin scan, taking into account the health problems of their patients. Because the formation of skin spots may be due to external factors, as well as a harbinger of a disease that triggers this condition. However, in the absence of any disease, laser treatment is considered the most effective solution. As one of the few centers that treat skin blemishes with the latest technology FOTONA laser device, we continue to produce solutions based on technology in the treatment of other skin diseases," he said.

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