ISIB, Air Conditioning Sector Strategy Workshop Held

Air Conditioning Industry Strategy Workshop Conducted
Air Conditioning Sector Strategy Workshop Held

The Air Conditioning Industry Strategy Workshop, where the Air Conditioning Industry Exporters' Association (ISIB) determined the 2023 roadmap of the Turkish Air Conditioning Industry, was held at Antalya Cornelia Diamond Hotel between 28-29 November 2022. Within the workshop program, the ISIB Export Leaders Award Ceremony was held and the companies that ranked higher were awarded.

In the workshop hosted by Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of İSİB, with the participation of more than 200 industry stakeholders, new generation export models and supports, the effects of current economic developments on the industry and the issues in the 2023 industry strategy document were discussed.

In the workshop where economist Fatih Keresteci conveyed the current situation and expectations in the economy to the participants, a memorial ceremony was held for Metin Duruk, Vice Chairman of İSİB, who passed away last month.

Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İSİB, who made the opening speech of the workshop, stated that İSİB has become the most important stakeholder of the sector exporters in the fields of strategy, marketing, sales and communication:

“The World Air Conditioning market has grown by 13,23 percent in the last four-year period and reached 570 billion dollars. The Turkish Air Conditioning Industry, on the other hand, grew by 43 percent in this period. When we look at the sub-groups of the sector, we grew by 11 percent while the world grew by 32 percent in Heating Systems and Equipment. While the world grew by 15 percent in Cooling Systems and Equipment, we achieved a 39 percent growth. While the world grew by 20,5 percent in Ventilation Systems and Equipment, we achieved a growth of 67 percent. While the world grew by 12,5% ​​in Air Conditioning Systems and Elements, we recorded a growth of 80 percent. While the world grew by 10 percent in Plumbing Systems and Elements, we grew by 40 percent. While the world grew by 10 percent in Insulation Systems and Elements, we grew by 38 percent. These results are an indication that we are organized as an industry, that we are progressing with a certain strategy and that we are putting effort into all the stakeholders of the industry.

As the Turkish Air Conditioning industry, our main goal is to get a 1,5 percent share from the world market and to be a sector with a foreign trade surplus. We are working hard for this goal. Despite all handicaps this year, we achieved a 93,5% import-export coverage ratio. Our share from the world was 1,37 percent as an industry. The kilogram unit price of the sector increased to $5,23. We are the 11th largest industry in Turkey according to TIM data. Our sector exports exceeded 6 billion dollars as of the end of November. We anticipate that we will close the year with an export volume of 6,8 billion dollars.”

In the last session of the workshop, İSİB awarded the companies that played an effective role in the export market and realized the most exports in 2021.

Making a speech at the award ceremony, Şanal stated that all companies that make up the Union are working with all their strength for the development and growth of Turkey, and said:

“The Turkish Air Conditioning industry is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the leading sectors of exports. Our companies, which made the most exports in 2021 categories in 21, achieved this year's awards with their effective commercial and marketing management. We know and see that the members of our union who did not receive an award are also working with all their might. We have no doubt that they will make our country proud with the achievements they will achieve in the coming years.”

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