Dental Health Training was Given to Expectant Mothers in Şanlıurfa

Dental Health Education Provided to Expectant Mothers in Sanliurfa
Dental Health Training was Given to Expectant Mothers in Şanlıurfa

Within the scope of “Community Oral and Dental Health Week” on 21-27 November by Şanlıurfa Oral and Dental Health Hospital, pregnant citizens in the Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital Pregnant School were trained on the importance of oral and dental health and dental scans were performed. Şanlıurfa Oral and Dental Health Hospital Chief Physician Dt. Abidin Güntekin and the hospital management presented a toothbrush, toothpaste and baby cream to the pregnant candidates.

Speaking at the training, Safa Mardinli, Dentist working at Şanlıurfa Oral and Dental Health Hospital; “One of the most common questions we get is can dental treatment be done during pregnancy? Effective dental treatment should be avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy, which is the baby's organ development stage. Treatments should be postponed to the second trimester. In emergency situations such as tooth or gingivitis, the thought that the existing infection may affect the development of the baby more than the negative effects of dental treatment should be taken into consideration and dental treatment should be performed in line with the recommendations of a gynecologist. The mother may be uncomfortable while doing dental treatment because she cannot take the positions required for treatment comfortably and cannot sit on the sofa for a long time in the last three months.

“Is it true that a tooth is lost in every birth?”

Dentist Safa Mardinli, "During pregnancy, the baby takes the calcium necessary for itself from the mother's teeth, causing the mother's teeth to decay quickly, and therefore pregnant mothers suffer tooth loss" is completely wrong. There is no scientific evidence of calcium loss from the mother's teeth during pregnancy. During this period, the mother needs 1200-1500 mg of calcium daily in order for the baby's and mother's bones to be healthy.

During pregnancy, women should meet their calcium needs by taking calcium-rich foods such as milk and dairy products and green leafy vegetables. If enough calcium cannot be provided with food, the amount necessary for the development of the baby is met from the mother's bones. There is no calcium dissolution from the teeth," he said.

Dentist Safa Mardinli said that pregnancy was roughly examined in three periods and explained the periods as follows: “First trimester: This is a period when the baby is very sensitive. Unnecessary interventions can cause abortion. However, in cases where teeth that have caused pain and/or may cause more damage if not intervened, urgently need to be treated such as extraction, root canal treatment, you should go to the dentist without hesitation. The dentist will provide treatment with drugs that do not harm the baby.

Second trimester: This period includes tooth extraction, fillings, root canal treatments, etc., which are not suitable to be postponed until the end of pregnancy. This is the most suitable period for many treatments.

Third trimester: In this period, the baby has grown considerably in the mother's womb and the birth is approaching. Just like in the first trimester, the dentist will not intervene, except for emergency treatments.”

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