Biodiversity Conservation Workshop Held at Atatürk University

Biodiversity Conservation Workshop Held at Ataturk University
Biodiversity Conservation Workshop Held at Atatürk University

The 'Workshop on Conservation of Biodiversity' organized by the Biodiversity Application and Research Center was hosted by Atatürk University.

As a product of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, in order to protect plant biodiversity, contribute to its sustainability, promote protected species, create awareness of protecting and owning the environment in individuals, open the materials for studies by national and international scientists, and contribute to regional and country tourism. Established Biodiversity Application and Research Center (BUAM) organized its first event.

Hosted by BUAM, located behind the Faculty of Architecture and Design and established in a very convenient area, with the partnership of Erzurum Provincial Gendarmerie Command and General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks (DKMP), within the scope of the event, it was aimed to gain information about the living ecosystem in the region and to protect special species. It was aimed to raise awareness about

“Preserving Our Values ​​Plays a Critical Role in Transferring them to Future Generations”

DKMP 13th Regional Director Okan Gün, who took the floor for the first time within the scope of the program; He stated that important studies have been carried out in this field in our country, where biodiversity is quite high, and said that protecting our values ​​plays a critical role in transferring them to future generations. Stating that they organized many events in this context to raise awareness and draw attention to this area, Gün said that they were pleased to come together with Atatürk University in this context and to organize an awareness program especially for the gendarmerie teams in the field.

“Excessive Population Growth Caused the Loss of Biodiversity”

Beginning his speech, the Center Director Prof. . Dr. Levent Gültekin said that the excessive population growth in recent years has led to an increase in the needs of human beings and thus the loss of biological diversity. Noting that this destruction has reached visible levels, important steps have been taken towards the protection of biodiversity, Prof. Dr. Gültekin: “For this, different conservation strategies have been developed on a global scale and agreements for the protection of biodiversity, to which our country is a party, are signed. The United Nations and the world's leading relevant organizations are working to protect the future of this field. We, as Atatürk University, aim to protect hundreds of thousands of living specimens and tens of thousands of living species that we host, transfer them to future generations, and contribute to the academic field with scientific studies.”

Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı said that important steps have been taken as a university in this field, which has become even more important as a result of global biodiversity becoming a focal center in recent years.

“The Necessity of Protecting Biodiversity Is One of the Most Important Agenda Items in the World”

Medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries and tourism, which are the main wheels of the country's economy, are dependent on biodiversity as the main source of raw materials; Rector Çomaklı stated that our country's position as a bridge between Europe and Asia is instrumental in hosting species rich in biodiversity and said: “The necessity of protecting biodiversity is one of the most important agenda items in the world. We have started a series of projects to bring together the strategic goals of our country in this regard, the international agreements to which it is a party, the SDG structure of the United Nations, and the scientific knowledge of Atatürk University. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the necessity of protecting biodiversity, we are conducting intensive studies for the establishment of the "Biodiversity Science Museum". This project, which is being carried out entirely with Atatürk University's own resources, will create a modern research infrastructure that will serve the region and our country by designing the research center and the science museum together.

Rector Çomaklı stated that "Biodiversity Science Museum", one of the vision projects of Atatürk University, will make significant contributions to bringing science together with the society with its rich scientific collections and laboratories and exhibitions that will be open to the public: “What can we do with our stakeholders for our region, which has a unique biodiversity? I wish this meeting, where we discussed topics such as how we can develop collaborations, will be beneficial, and I thank everyone who contributed.”

“Our Colleagues Will Share All Kinds of Living Species They Detect with the Related Units of Atatürk University”

Erzurum Gendarmerie Regional Commander Brigadier General Metin Düz, who started his speech by emphasizing the importance of protecting biodiversity as well as preserving historical monuments, stated that they invited the relevant personnel of Erzurum and all provinces affiliated to the regional command to the 'Workshop on Conservation of Biodiversity' and that they would put the knowledge and experience they gained here into practice in their own provinces. brought.

Brigadier General Düz, emphasizing that the teams working in the field will show the same sensitivity to the smuggling of historical artifacts in the fight against biosmuggling: “Although we are just at the beginning of the road, we are improving ourselves and increasing our awareness level with such activities. We invited our executive friends from 7 provinces and 62 police stations here. We have friends here from Erzincan to Artvin. Each of them came from their police stations, we came together with our friends to tell, teach and counsel our fellow staff members when they went to their regions. Likewise, all of these friends will share with the relevant units and academicians of Atatürk University any living species they have detected in the field. With these feelings and thoughts, I find this workshop very important in terms of both discussing such a serious issue and strengthening inter-institutional communication, and I thank everyone who contributed.”

Workshop Continued with Various Presentations

The workshop, with his presentation titled Protected Areas and Nature Conservation Legal Legislation in Turkey, Ersin Özeğ, Regional Branch Manager of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Prof. Dr. Akif Irmak, with his presentation titled Biosmuggling in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Prof. Dr. Ümit İncekara, Nature Conservation and National Parks Regional Branch Director Alpaslan Katırıcı with his presentation No. 4915 on Land Hunting Law Practices and Kars Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Petty Officer Chief Sergeant Cumali Kılınç informed the guests with his presentation titled Challenges Encountered in the Field.

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