Producing Women of İzmir Met with Investors

Producing Women of Izmir Met with Investors
Producing Women of İzmir Met with Investors

“Investor Meetings”, the last phase of the “Productive Women, Strong Futures” project, implemented in cooperation with Tüprag and the Women-Friendly Brands Platform, took place on September 5th in Izmir. Within the scope of the project, which was initiated to support the empowerment of women in 4 villages around the Efemçukuru Gold Mine in the Menderes district of İzmir and their participation in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, after the trainings organized by expert trainers were completed, the women who developed their entrepreneurial ideas appeared before the investors with their creative business ideas.

As part of the final meeting of the “Productive Women, Strong Futures” project implemented by Tüprag, one of the important actors of the mining industry, in İzmir Menderes, representatives of the public and private sectors as well as many non-governmental organizations came together with women from Menderes.

At the meeting, which was held as part of the investor meeting with the participation of the public, NGO representatives and business people, the women who developed their entrepreneurial ideas after the completion of the trainings within the scope of the project explained how they turned their dreams into business ideas and how they plan to turn the mountain villages of Menderes into a center of attraction. Starting the day with excitement, the talented women of Menderes met with the investors at the project desks after their project presentations; He answered questions about his projects.

Special projects planned integrated with each other

At the "PRODUCING WOMEN, STRONG FUTURE - Investor Meetings" event, where 9 different projects planned to be realized in Efemçukuru, Çatalca, Kavacık and Çamtepe villages were showcased, the part that impressed the participants the most was the integration of each of the projects.

Among the project proposals of women entrepreneurial candidates; Ideas such as a special series wine production facility, medicinal plants garden, mushroom workshop, bee farm and grape seed oil production facility are high added value; It provides employment opportunities that will create raw materials for various industries such as food, medicine and cosmetics.

The "textile design workshop", which is among the project proposals, aims to transform the usable textile wastes into specially designed products from the hands of women. In the project, whose social outputs are also very wide, women are also planning to prepare for a special fashion show from the products that are recycled every year.

It is aimed to realize the "microblading design workshop" in the region, where the hand-made and home-made personal care products produced by women will be sold and which aims to attract local and foreign tourists to the region. A very special "digital market" project, where the most natural products produced in the region will be delivered to all enthusiasts in packaging that speaks, has also managed to attract the attention of investors as a prominent technology initiative among the business ideas created.

“Today is the time to go beyond dreams”

In her opening speech, Nazlı Demirel, the founder of the Women-Friendly Brands Platform; “We made a good road union together with Tüprag Madencilik in June. With this road union, we have been carrying out intensive work for 4 months in order to empower the women and youth of 3 villages, namely Efemçukuru, Çamtepe, Kavacık and Çatalca villages, located around the Efemçukuru Mine, by taking power from technology, to create new business areas and to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. Today, a very comprehensive project has emerged that includes 8 different vision trainings and certified vocational trainings, as well as mentoring support and special workshops. Within the scope of the project, we first met with the women and youth of the region in their villages. We identified their needs, asked their dreams; We also dreamed together. Today we go beyond those dreams together. It is also very proud for us to see their excitement, wishes and belief in themselves and to be a partner in this. With the project, a solidarity started between the women of the villages that are kilometers away from each other, and strong ties were established with it, and we also established indescribable friendships with our project team and the very special women of this region and our young brothers throughout the project.”

“We are aware of the importance of women for economic development”

Yaşar Dağlıoğlu, General Manager of Tüprag Efemçukuru Gold Mine, also said the following about the program: “As Tüprag, we have implemented many social responsibility projects so far. Our aim is to support sustainable development in the regions of which we are a part. In order to ensure social development, it is necessary for women to have a say in the social structure; We are aware of the importance and priority of their cultural and economic empowerment. With such projects, we aim to empower women, one of our main stakeholders, in the regions where our businesses are located, and to support their participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, thus providing maximum benefit to their environment. As in the past, we will stand by women from now on. What excites us; their embrace of these projects and their wishes. One of the most important goals of this project is to raise awareness about the potential power of women in society. We would also like to thank the non-governmental organizations involved in the project and the valuable press members who helped share the project with the public.”

“Our aim is to support women”

Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association – KAGIDER Private Sector Leader Esra Bezircioğlu also met with women entrepreneurs in the program. Inviting women in the region to its programs supporting women's initiatives, Bezircioğlu said, “KAGIDER is always with you. We are involved in many awareness projects with the Women-Friendly Brands Platform. We want to continue to be. Because our aim is to support women. Acting together with many institutions in all projects that will increase women's entrepreneurship, women's employment and women's contribution to the economy.

Betül Şahin, Chairman of the Board of İZIKAD, also participated in the program. Listening to the details of the project with excitement, Şahin shared the excitement of the women. She also expressed that they want to support the valuable entrepreneur women of the region as IZIKAD and that they are ready for cooperation for the development of the region. Menderes Public Education Manager Edip Öngen, who participated in the program, emphasized the importance of the certified trainings and workshop activities they gave within the scope of the project for women. Noting that women attend the Public Education courses to a large extent, Öngen underlined that they contribute to the empowerment of women with the highly qualified trainings they provide.

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