HAVASAK Announced Data on its 2nd Anniversary

HAVASAK Announces Data on Its Anniversary
HAVASAK Announced Data on its 2nd Anniversary

Metropolitan Municipality announced the data on the 2nd anniversary of HAVASAK. According to the statement made, the majority of citizens traveling by plane in Sakarya and the surrounding provinces preferred HAVASAK to reach the airport. With 9 different buses and 2 minibuses, approximately 24 thousand people reached Sabiha Gökçen in 200 months via HAVASAK.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to be a pioneer in transportation and to produce innovations. The Metropolitan, which strengthens the transportation infrastructure of the city, adds new vehicles to its fleet every day, expands its route and updates the number of trips, has recently added many innovations to the lives of the people of Sakarya. Among these, the service that generated the most satisfaction was HAVASAK. Thousands of citizens who will live in Sakarya and travel by air and turn to different alternatives to reach the airport have met at HAVASAK in the last 2 years. The transportation system established at Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Bus Terminal has been a great opportunity for people who travel frequently by plane.

Great satisfaction with 24 trips in 38 hours

The Metropolitan has increased its flights between Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Adapazarı, which started with a few buses, upon high demand. While the number of buses was increased to 9, 2 service vehicles were put into service for citizens who want to come to the terminal from the central points of the city. These vehicles tour the city every day and transport the passengers who buy HAVASAK tickets to the terminal. With the latest arrangement, the buses make a total of 19 trips in 19 hours, 24 departures and 38 arrivals. Metropolitan announced the total report on the service provided on the 2nd anniversary of HAVASAK. According to the statement, the Metropolitan served 15.000 airline passengers every month. For 2 years, a total of 200 thousand passengers were transported from Sakarya to Sabiha Gökçen.

“We will continue to provide the highest quality service”

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, “We continue to work, produce and implement with all our means to make the lives of citizens living in Sakarya easier. We reached thousands of people on our HAVASAK journey, which we started to solve the problems experienced in airport transportation for many years. We have been the meeting point of 2 thousand citizens for 200 years, and we have provided easy access to our people at any time of the day. The data we obtained at the end of the 24-month period shows us that the citizens are highly satisfied with HAVASAK. In line with the increase in demand, we will continue to increase our potential and provide the highest quality service to our citizens. We would like to express our gratitude to each of our citizens who prefer us and express their satisfaction.

How do I use HAVASAK?

Citizens who want to use HAVASAK for airport travel, http://www.havasak.com.tr You can get tickets from the address of Sabiha Gökçen, the terminal, the Democracy Square and the Şal Sokak sales point. Passengers who notify from which point of the city they will take the shuttle service during ticket purchase are picked up from the addresses they specified some time before the flight and transported to the terminal. Buses depart from here to the airport in Istanbul Pendik at frequent intervals. The shuttle service is currently provided in the center, Erenler and Serdivan regions. In addition, 28 - bazaar, 29 - Serdivan, 3 and 7 - Erenler municipal bus lines support the shuttle service by carrying HAVASAK passengers to the terminal free of charge when the ticket is shown. The conditions of HAVASAK will continue to be expanded by the Metropolitan in the coming period in line with the demand.

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