A New Era in Gaziantep City Transportation Cards

New Era in Gaziantep City Transportation Cards
A New Era in Gaziantep City Transportation Cards

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said that by signing a first in Turkey, all the features of Gaziantep Card used in urban public transportation will be transferred to contactless debit or credit cards, and the need for carrying a separate card for transportation and filling balances will come to an end.

Within the scope of the “Smart City Gaziantep” project, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has carried out another work that will relieve the citizens of Gazi city in urban transportation and will be a pioneer in Turkey. The first step was taken in the project where the features of Gaziantep Card used in transportation can be integrated into debit or credit cards.


In the first phase of the project, which will remove Gaziantep Card from being a physical card and make it usable in the entire banking system, those who already have Gaziantep Card will be able to integrate into the system by entering their information at herkart.gaziantepkart.com.tr. In the second phase of the project, which is aimed to be completed before the New Year, people who will use Gaziantep Card for the first time will have the opportunity to convert their credit or debit cards to Gaziantep Card online, instead of going to card centers and buying cards.

With this transformation that the Metropolitan has brought about in transportation, a new window will be opened in electronic payment systems in public transportation, which started with Akbil in 1995, and thanks to the 2nd phase of the project, citizens will go to the filling point and make annual visas for their cards. On the other hand, savings will be achieved from the high costs caused by the card filling vending machines placed at various points of the city and the card costs paid by the citizens.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, in her speech about the project, said that they have put the innovation, which will be a first in Gaziantep Card, into service for citizens of Gazi city, where they have realized many firsts in their field.


Explaining the new details of Gaziantep Kart, which has now become a brand, with the implemented project, President Fatma Şahin said:

“Our citizens, who have free and discounted passes in Gaziantep Card, which has many types such as students, teachers, 60 years old and over 65 years old, had to come to the card processing centers until now to get the cards defined by these rights. But at this point we have come to, our citizens who have any contactless debit or credit card, whether they are students or over 65, will not need to come to the card processing center for whichever card they want. Gaziantep Card feature will be gained with a very short transaction, which will be done via the herkart.gaziantepkart.com.tr website with the contactless debit or credit card it has.”


Explaining that the obligation to come to card processing centers will be eliminated with the completion of the project, President Şahin said, “All citizens with personalized cards will also be able to benefit from transfer opportunities. Most importantly, there will no longer be a need for card refills from the dealer. In the first phase of the project, we will start with students, teachers, users aged 60 and over 65 who have Gaziantep Card. In the second phase of the project, everyone, including our users who will get a card for the first time, will be able to benefit from this card without buying a separate card. We start the first phase in September. The second phase will be commissioned before the New Year. I wanted to inform you of this beautiful development in this period when schools were opened. As Gaziantep, we will continue to break new ground in smart transportation.”

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