Çorlu Train Accident Investigation Extended: Another 9 Years in Prison for 15 Officers

Corlu Train Crash Investigation Expanded
Çorlu Train Accident Investigation Expanded 9 Officers Requested for 15 Years in Prison

Regarding the train accident in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, in which 25 people died and 328 people were injured, Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office was charged with 4 charges against 1 public officials working in the 9st District Directorate of TCDD, except for the 3 people on trial, for the crime of 'causing the death and injury of more than one person by negligence'. He filed a lawsuit seeking a prison sentence of up to 15 years. The number of defendants to be tried in the case increased to 13.

Istanbul from Uzunköprü district of Edirne HalkalıThe train, which had 362 passengers and 6 personnel, derailed and overturned on July 8, 2018, near Sarılar Mahallesi, Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. In the accident, 7 people, including 25 children, lost their lives and 328 people were injured. TCDD 1st Regional Directorate, which was found to be defective in the occurrence of the accident by the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office Halkalı Turgut Kurt, who worked as a manager in the 14th Railway Maintenance Directorate, Çerkezköy Özkan Polat, the Road Maintenance and Repair Supervisor at the Road Maintenance Department, Celaleddin Çabuk, the Line Maintenance and Repair Officer at the Road Maintenance Department, and Çetin Yıldırım, the Bridges Supervisor, who works at TCDD and signed the annual general inspection report in May, said, 'cause negligent death and injury. A lawsuit was filed at the Çorlu 2st High Criminal Court, with a demand for imprisonment from 15 to 1 years, for the crime of being

While the case in which the defendants were tried pending trial, Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office decided to expand the investigation after the new expert report was received. The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office stated that due to the fact that the weather conditions were not followed in the accident, the railway line could not be specially examined in adverse weather conditions due to the inability to follow the weather conditions, the necessary maintenance, cleaning and weed control of the culvert and the line section around it was not carried out, and the closure of the accident site culvert in the direction of Istanbul was clogged. He evaluated that the reasons for directing the rain water coming from the bush to the accident culvert through the channel in between were the effectiveness.


In the expert report included in the case file, it was stated that 'the weather conditions were not followed, the railway line was not specially examined, and the culvert maintenance was not done'.

In the scope of the case, the defendants were accused of being "defective in the occurrence of the accident". Halkalı 14th Regional Railway Maintenance Manager Turgut Kurt, Halkalı 14. Railway Maintenance Directorate Çerkezköy 143. Road Maintenance and Repair Chief Özkan Polat, Bridges Chief Çetin Yıldırım and Halkalı 14. Railway Maintenance Directorate Çerkezköy 143. Line Maintenance and Repair Officer Celaleddin Çabuk at the Road Maintenance and Repair Department is still on trial for 'causing death and injury by negligence'.

In the indictment, it is requested that the suspects be sentenced to between 2 and 15 years in prison.

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