South Korea Achieved 136% Increase in Tourism in One Year

South Korea Achieved Percent Increase in Tourism in One Year
South Korea Achieved 136% Increase in Tourism in One Year

In the tourism season, which is expected to be the most active after the pandemic, South Korea stands out with its momentum. Hosting 2021 thousand tourists in May 75, the country recorded an increase of 136% in just one year and hosted nearly 176 tourists in the same month of this year. With the special campaign of the Korea Tourism Organization, 1000 TL discount is offered to those who book their flight until the end of July.

With the arrival of the summer months, the global tourism industry gains momentum again, and South Korea, which stands out with its cultural and social richness, is on the holiday route of those who plan to travel to a different country. The country, which has reopened to tourism after the pandemic restrictions, has been a frequent destination for visitors in recent months. Hosting approximately 2021 tourists in May 75, South Korea recorded an increase of 136% in a year and hosted nearly 176 tourists in the same month of this year.

Pointing out that South Korea is an attractive tourist destination due to its characteristics of the Far East and being travelable in all four seasons, Korea Tourism Organization Istanbul Office Director Hyuncho Cho evaluated the issue with the following words: It attracts attention in many ways, from its climate to its splendor. Along with the historically strong ties between Turkey and South Korea, the re-enactment of visa exemption on April 1, 2022 is a driving force for guests from Turkey to visit this region. With the advantages we offer, we are working for more people to discover the riches of South Korea.”

South Korea and Turkey ties go back 70 years

Connecting the intense visits from Turkey to South Korea to the similarity of the social and cultural structure, Hyuncho Cho said, “Even though the roots of friendship relations between Turkey and South Korea date back to the Korean War that took place 70 years ago, the two countries' neighborhood culture, neighborhood relations, solidarity from the kitchen to the cuisine. The fact that it shows similarities in many points from its culture to its culture increases the interest of tourists from Turkey to the region. As the Korean Tourism Organization, we have prepared a campaign with Asiana Airlines and so that anyone who wants can visit South Korea in all seasons. In the campaign valid until 31 July, we offer a thousand TL discount and special offers from Asiana Airlines to those who book their flight tickets to South Korea. In this way, we create new road maps and experience areas for local tourists to get to know the unique beauties of South Korea.”

Summer address: South Korea

Pointing out that every season has a different importance in touristic trips, Hyuncho Cho, Director of the Istanbul Office of the Korean Tourism Organization, stated that South Korea is the right address for tourists who want to make the summer months fun. "Especially in Seoul, the famous night markets, white sandy beaches and local cuisine open the door for tourists to get to know this culture," he said.

4 seasons sustainability in the tourism sector

Hyuncho Cho said, “South Korea is one of the most attractive regions for anyone who does not distinguish between seasons in their vacation plans. For example, for those who want to take a walk in the relaxing coolness of autumn, the national parks covered with colorful autumn leaves are among the must-visit places. The country's cultural attractions such as the Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace also add a nostalgic feel to autumn travels. The country, which has places such as Vivaldi Park Ski World or Phoenix Pyeongchang Snow Park for ski holidays in the winter months, turns into a visual feast in the spring season. We continue our efforts to make all the opportunities of this extraordinary country more accessible to tourists and to create innovative and sustainable tourism.”

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