What is Forensic Informatics Engineering, What Does It Do, How To Become? Forensic Engineering Salaries 2022

forensic engineering base points and success ranking
What is Forensic Informatics Engineering, What Does It Do, How To Become? Forensic Engineering Salaries 2022

Many students do not add this department to their preferences because they do not have knowledge about the Department of Forensic Informatics Engineering. For this reason, it is beneficial for students who will make a choice to do a rigorous research. Well, have you heard of Forensic Informatics Engineering before? Here is information about Forensic Informatics Engineering.

What is Forensic Engineering?

Unfortunately, Forensic Informatics Engineering is not among the well-known professions in our country. Therefore, the interest and relevance to this section is very low. However, this department is one of the undergraduate departments with a very bright future.
We live in a time when the internet is very useful and popular. Therefore, leaking our personal data to the internet is quite simple. In other words, sharing our personal data on the internet without our consent and using it for malicious purposes by others is a criminal offense. Today, with the proliferation of such events, Forensic Informatics Engineering has been established.

The aim of Forensic Information Engineering is to detect and prevent computer crimes in the forensic field and to raise individuals who have the capacity to defend the rights of citizens.

What are Forensic Informatics Engineering Courses?

In the first 4 years of Forensic Informatics Engineering, which is a 2-year undergraduate department, vocational courses are taught more heavily. In these first two years, mostly algorithm and programming courses are mostly. In addition to this, the basic courses of the software engineering department are also shown in this section. Students are required to take 240 ECTS courses in order to successfully complete this section. The courses offered in the Department of Forensic Informatics Engineering are as follows;

  1.  Computer Forensics Laws
  2. Computer Systems
  3. Internet and E-commerce Security
  4.  Programming Languages
  5.  Algorithm and Programming
  6.  Data Structures
  7.  Network and System Security
  8.  Information Security and Encryption Techniques

Students are held responsible for many lessons in this department. Those who successfully complete these courses are entitled to receive a "Forensic Informatics Engineering Undergraduate Diploma". kazanthey will ache. In addition, people who receive this diploma receive the title of "Forensic Informatics Engineer".

Forensic Engineering Ranking

The lowest base score of the Department of Forensic Information Engineering for 2021 is 283,26735, and the highest base score is 289,543542. This year's success ranking is the lowest 299823, and the highest ranking is 281875.

How Many Years Is Forensic Informatics Engineering?

Forensic Informatics Engineering provides a four-year undergraduate education. In order to graduate from this department, students must complete 240 ECTS course rights and meet the conditions offered by the university for graduation.

What Do Forensic Engineering Graduates Do?

Graduates of Forensic Informatics Engineering can work in areas such as data creation, antivirus coding, database encryption, cryptology, detection of criminal law against cyber attacks, computer hardware, network bases, software and information systems. Since the person who will apply this profession will have a very good level of computer and software knowledge, he can also take part in positions where a computer engineer or software engineer takes charge.

Graduates of Forensic Informatics Engineering create internet security software for their workplaces. Thanks to the software they have created, they protect the institutions and organizations they work with against cyber attacks. In addition, it is the duty of the Forensic Informatics Engineer to make plans and programs against cyber attacks.

People who are considering doing this profession should first of all be people who can consider fine details and have abilities such as analytical thinking. Apart from this, graduates of this department can also work in offices.

What are the Job Opportunities for Forensic Engineering Graduates?

This section, which is quite open in Turkey, is becoming more important with the increasing internet usage day by day. That's why you can find a job in many institutions and organizations.

However, people who want to work in state institutions related to this profession in Turkey must first take the KPSS exam and get a valid score.

Graduates of this department are most needed for e-government. Because most crimes are committed online. The communication networks used by various criminal organizations over the internet are determined by IT engineers and evidence collection processes are carried out.

All institutions of the state and private companies need IT engineers. With the increasing place of the Internet in our lives, the interest in this section is increasing.

The working areas of Forensic Informatics Engineers are listed as follows;

  1.  Private sector
  2.  Police Headquarters
  3.  Institutes of Forensic Sciences
  4.  Gendarmerie General Commands
  5.  Ministries
  6.  Forensic Medicine Institutions
  7.  to universities

The Department of Forensic Informatics Specialization is only available in Elazig University in our country. The fact that the department is only in one university is a very advantageous situation for its students. Because everyone who graduates from this department has taken the same courses and has the opportunity to find a job more easily.

Forensic Engineering Salaries

Salaries of government employees are divided into groups. For example, it doesn't matter what teacher a teacher is, so their salaries are certain regardless of their branch. The salaries of engineers working in the public sector are as follows;

  •  Beginner engineer salary: Between 6500-6750.
  •  Engineer salary for 5 years: Between 6600-6800.
  •  Engineer salary for 10 years: Between 6750-7000.
  •  Engineer salary for 15 years: Between 6900-7100.
  •  Engineer salary for 20 years: Between 7050-7250.


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