What is Climate Change? What are the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change?

What is Climate Change What are the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change
What is Climate Change What are the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the biggest economic, social and environmental problems threatening the world. In the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, discussions are held on climate change and it is stated that the world is getting warmer. All observations on this subject reveal that global ocean and air temperatures are on the rise, and ice and snow melts are spreading. It is known that sea level is also rising for this reason. Climate change is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities.

What is Climate Change?

While the issue of climate change is so important, the question of "what is global climate change" should be answered as a province in order to prevent the problem. Climate change, which includes atmospheric or astronomical changes, is of interest to the branch of climatology. The human factor is the most striking factor underlying global climate change.

It can be said that the two most important sources for global climate changes are global cooling and global warming. Global warming is known as a result of the estimated greenhouse effect caused by the gases released into the atmosphere. The answer to the question “What is the greenhouse effect?” can be explained as the trapping of the rays reflected from the sun by the released gases. Global warming can be expressed as the rise in average temperatures measured in sea, land and air throughout the year. Global warming occurs with the increase in summer temperatures, and global cooling with its decrease. So much so, “Why does climate change happen?” Global warming can be cited as the source of the question. However, global cooling is another factor that is effective at this stage.

Let's Be Aware of Global Climate Change

With the rapid change of the world and the development of technology, industrial activities also increase. This situation brings threats such as climate change and global warming. Although human life develops and becomes easier with these new developments, it would be appropriate to say that the world cannot keep up with these changes. This inability to adapt manifests itself with new problems such as marine pollution, environmental pollution and air pollution. In particular, the problems related to water pollution are increasing day by day and pose a threat to the environment. With global warming and climate change, various natural events have begun to emerge. Many people complain of unfamiliar climatic conditions. We are faced with unusual climatic conditions such as long winters, cold springs at least as winter, and late summers. In addition, the decrease in the diversity of living things in the biosphere day by day can be shown among the consequences of climate change. With this situation, it can be easily seen that living things cannot adapt to the changes experienced. The threatening effect of climate change easily emerges when human factors are involved. In the face of this rapid change, it becomes very difficult for living things to keep up. In this sense, we must take the necessary measures to gain environmental awareness about global climate change as soon as possible.

Causes of Global Climate Change

Extreme sudden changes are among the causes of global climate change, and this situation occurs with various sources. The reasons for this situation become stronger with human factors in the basic sense. There is a risk of extinction of living things as a result of overcooling and overheating. Even extinct creatures emerge as a result of this warming or cooling situation in nature. Undoubtedly, the most striking one among the causes of climate change is the increase in temperature in the atmosphere. Global heat change is caused by people making various productions and unconsciously changing nature. In the emergence of the global climate change situation, primarily human causes, the depletion of the ozone layer, the increase in greenhouse gases and particles in the atmosphere, and the unconscious destruction of the environment can be counted.

Consequences of Climate Change

This situation, which threatens nature and living things, has many remarkable consequences. With the global climate change, the glaciers have started to melt. Many living species have disappeared and many animals are on the verge of extinction. Abnormal temperature increases were observed with the arrival of the seasons. Many water and soil-borne diseases have emerged.

Recently, there have been some changes in climate and weather dynamics due to global climate change. It is possible to count these changes as follows;

  • receding glaciers
  • Increase in the amount of rain and evaporation
  • Most of the rain falls in the form of torrential downpours
  • Rapid increase in forest fires
  • The fact that natural events such as storms and floods are much more experienced
  • Coral turning white
  • rising sea level
  • Shrinking sea ice

How to Prevent Climate Change at the Individual Level?

The answer to the question of how to prevent climate change is perhaps the most key point of the issue. It is worth remembering that the main cause of global climate change is human factors. The measures that can be taken individually are as follows;

  • Solar panels can be used. In this way, the water used in the house can be heated with solar energy.
  • Unplugging unused electrical appliances can be provided. Unplugging unused devices is a major precaution, although it may seem like a small thing.
  • You can consider choosing products that provide low energy consumption when purchasing electronic goods. Energy-saving products are a very powerful measure against global warming.
  • Energy-saving products can also be given priority in the selection of bulbs. Moreover, these products draw attention as they are products with a long service life.

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