What is a Medical Secretary, What Does He Do, How to Become? Medical Secretary Salaries 2022

Medical Secretary Salary
What is a Medical Secretary, What Does He Do, How to Become a Medical Secretary Salary 2022

Medical secretary is the professional title given to people who are responsible for accepting patients, keeping records and providing general office operation in health institutions or private practices.

What Does a Medical Secretary Do, What Are His Duties?

The professional responsibilities of the medical secretary can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Answering incoming patient phones, recording messages and forwarding them to the doctor,
  • Giving insurance and payment information to patients who call to make an appointment,
  • Admitting patients to the practice and registering them,
  • To set patient visit dates,
  • Arranging the next appointment date before patients leave the practice,
  • To convey the forms to be filled to the patients,
  • To ensure work efficiency by adjusting the doctor's calendar,
  • Calling patients to remind them of upcoming visit dates,
  • To convey the laboratory results to the relevant personnel,
  • Recording patient history, surgery notes and medical reports dictated by the doctor,
  • Performing invoicing,
  • To be loyal to patient privacy,
  • Adhere to professional standards, hospital policies and procedures,
  • Ensuring the repair of malfunctions in office equipment,
  • Performing various clerical and administrative functions, such as ordering supplies
  • Keeping financial records.

How to Become a Medical Secretary

To become a medical secretary, it is necessary to graduate from the two-year Medical Documentation and Secretarial Department of Vocational Schools of Health Services. At the same time, those who graduated from the Office Management, Secretariat and Medical Secretariat departments of vocational high schools can transfer to the Medical Documentation and Secretarial associate degree program without an exam. Persons who want to become a Medical Secretary must have some qualifications;

  • Mastery of medical terminology and regulation,
  • To have knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite programs,
  • Demonstrate active listening skills to understand patients' needs and doctors' instructions.
  • Having the ability to understand body language, interview and persuade people,
  • Being patient and smiling
  • Having organizational skills to keep track of insurance forms, patient files and office supplies,
  • To be able to carry out correspondence between individuals and institutions.

Medical Secretary Salaries 2022

The lowest Medical Secretary salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.400 TL, the average Medical Secretary salary was 5.800 TL, and the highest Medical Secretary salary was 7.800 TL.

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