Unwanted Hair Will No longer be a Problem

device for unwanted hair
device for unwanted hair

Those who want to get rid of the hairs in different parts of their body permanently, can achieve what they are looking for effectively with the laser epilation Mersin application. At this stage, Karakucak Clinic specialists aim to answer each of the questions in their minds in the best way possible.

In today's world, many people, regardless of whether they are men or women, continue to do research to find the most effective solutions for the unwanted hair problem. Although there were not many alternatives for laser epilation in Mersin in the previous periods, nowadays, the best solutions are provided in this regard with the devices within the body of Karakucak Clinic, which have different systems. Although different names are emerging about laser epilation every day, it is extremely important for people to make their choices carefully at this stage. Because otherwise, only people do not complain about the hairs growing on their bodies again. At the same time, with the wrong application during the procedure, unfortunately, burns may occur in the epilation area. Those who want to get the results they want with the laser epilation Mersin application without such adverse events will get the answers to each of their questions by contacting the Karakucak Clinic specialists.

For Which Areas Can Laser Epilation Be Performed?

It is preferred by those who want to get rid of unwanted hair with laser shots to the hair follicles. laser hair removal Mersin Devices with very different features have started to be used for its application. Thus, people can choose this application for each part of their body without encountering any problems. While approximately 80% of women prefer it for their legs, armpits and genital areas, most of the men have laser epilation for their back, chest and beard area. However, men with excessive hair growth on their legs and arms will be able to thin the hair in the area with a few sessions of application.

unwanted hair

How Often Is Laser Epilation Application Performed?

In order to obtain the best results of laser epilation Mersin application, the skin structure and the roots of the hair on the body are carefully examined by the Karakucak Clinic at the first stage. Generally, laser epilation application is carried out every 6 to 12 weeks. The reason for this is that the pigments in the hair follicles are expected to reach a sufficient ratio. At this stage, it is important that the period is not earlier than 6 weeks and not later than 12 weeks. During laser epilation, the session duration may take from half an hour to an hour in areas such as the back and the whole leg, while it takes 1 to 2 minutes in the upper lip area.

Although different devices are currently used for laser epilation Mersin application, all of these devices are effective in the active period of the hairs. As it is known, the hair on the body enters the active phase and resting period in different periods. During laser epilation Mersin application, active hairs are affected by laser epilation. Afterwards, the hairs in the resting phase become active. In the next application phase, other activated hairs are destroyed.

Although the laser epilation Mersin application may seem very easy when viewed from the outside, it is necessary to be careful at every stage of the application in order to avoid any negative situation. Those who want to get rid of the hair in different parts of their body in a short time, https://www.karakucakklinik.com/ on the subject, they can get the necessary information about the subject. Thus, they enjoy having smooth skin at any time of the year, regardless of summer or winter.

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