Turkey's Export Project Interfresh Eurasia Accelerates Its Works!

Turkey's Export Project Accelerates Interfresh Eurasia Studies
Turkey's Export Project Interfresh Eurasia Accelerates Its Works!

Interfresh Eurasia Coordinator Murat Özer, who said that he will bring all the stakeholders of the sector together in Antalya between 20-22 October 2022, will be held for the third time this year. He said it exceeded a million dollars.

750 Million Dollars of Export in the First Quarter!

Özer emphasized the importance of Interfresh Eurasia, which is the only fair of the sector, for the sector, considering that over 2022 million dollars of fresh fruit and vegetable exports were realized in the first quarter of 750.

Cooperation with Exporters' Associations Started, Advisory Board Established!

The Coordinator of the Fair, Murat Özer, Guidance of the advisory board formed together with Interfresh Eurasia, the only Fair and Congress of the sector, exporters' associations, AKİB (Mediterranean Exporters' Association), BAIB (Western Mediterranean Exporters' Association), EİB (Aegean Exporters' Association), UIB (Uludağ Exporters' Association). We receive support from the advisory board members in the procurement committee works in foreign target markets, and we proceed with their guidance.

Collaborations with World's Giant Agencies Started *VIP Invitations have started to be sent!

In addition to the work of the advisory board formed with the Exporters' Associations, we made our contracts with the agents of the world's leading fair organizers and started the Overseas Buyer Delegation programs, we started the invitation studies of the Large Wholesalers, the Buyers of the Market Chain Stores, the traders operating in the Markets and the international trade companies in the target countries.

Promotion started in Fresh Plaza !

Again, the promotion of Interfresh Eurasia on the Fresh Plaza platform, which is one of the world's governments in the fruit and vegetable sector and reaches more than 1 million visitors monthly, started in June and will continue until the Fair, Özer said, "There is a job in this fair, we will bring foreign buyers together with our exporters."

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