Successful Results Can Be Provided With Sex Therapy

Successful Results Can Be Provided With Sexual Therapy
Successful Results Can Be Provided With Sex Therapy

Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Selcen Bahadır made statements about sexual problems in our country and their treatments, gave warnings and suggestions.

Dr. Selcen Bahadır said the following on the subject:

“He emphasizes that those who have sexual problems do not hesitate to consult a doctor, and mostly look for a solution on the internet, and therefore, even a problem that can be solved easily can be taken to an inextricable point. Stating that 'sexual reluctance' has come to the fore in recent years, especially in women, Dr. Selcen Bahadır “The most common sexual dysfunction in women; sexual desire and related arousal problems. These problems are; While it is defined as the situation where the woman has a low or no desire to have sexual activity in a continuous or repetitive manner, the person must also have a problem with this condition in order to make a diagnosis. Some sources have reported that 50 percent of women have sexual desire and arousal disorders. On the other hand, the rate of application to our clinics is not that high in our country. Because sexuality is still a subject that is seen as a taboo and is feared.

While causes such as depression, anxiety disorder and the drugs used for this can initiate problems; negative beliefs about sexuality, lack of self-confidence, negative attitudes towards romantic relationships and the spouse, decreased emotional intimacy, marital conflicts, hormonal differences of the woman's periods such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause, history of sexual abuse or trauma, and sexuality as a duty or task to be fulfilled towards the spouse. Seeing it only as an aid to reproduction, some hormonal problems and drugs used in the reproductive age can also appear as sexual reluctance. On the other hand, women's responsibilities regarding the home and children, if any, and economic concerns also play an important role among the factors that can lead to sexual reluctance. Therefore, taking a detailed medical, psychological and sexual history from the woman is the most important thing to do before the treatment.

Men are also hesitant to consult a doctor because of sexual problems. The most common problems we encounter in applications; have erection or ejaculation problems. A man who has an erection or ejaculation problem should first be questioned in detail what his complaint is and whether there is an underlying desire problem. Many factors such as insufficient or incorrect sexual information, underlying psychological problems, marital conflicts, economic problems or heavy workload can be the reasons for low male sexual desire. Evaluation of sexual desire disorder for treatment in men is done through the biopsychosocial model. It is absolutely necessary to make an evaluation in terms of the age of the man, his hormonal status and the drugs he uses.

Emphasizing that after taking a detailed history in both women and men, in the presence of underlying hormonal or biological reasons, the necessary medical treatment should be applied. Selcen Bahadır says that when it is determined that the problem is not caused by hormonal or biological reasons, sexual therapy comes into play. Dr. Selcen Bahadır stated that they could get successful results in a short time with sexual therapy and said, “We, experts in sexual health, try to benefit individuals with the right sexual therapy techniques. Let's not forget that; There is no one level of sexual desire or frequency of sexual intercourse that is right for every couple. People should be evaluated within the relationship, and sexual therapy should be applied with the participation of the partner. Although it is known that treatments with the participation of partners are more successful, we can also do individual therapy for individuals who do not have a partner.

In order to decide on the right method, individuals should be listened separately and in pairs. After a detailed sexual, medical and psychological history, if there is an underlying hormonal or biological problem, consultation should be obtained from the departments deemed necessary. If the problem is not caused by these factors, Dr. Stating that the sexual therapy school, which uses more cognitive behavioral methods, is applied to couples today. Selcen Bahadır said, “Sexual therapies are meetings that usually continue in weekly sessions, in which we identify people's negative thoughts and feelings about sexuality, create new sexual repertoires accompanied by pleasure rather than fear and anxiety, emphasize the importance of open communication between couples, and include romantic and erotic homework. The duration of the sessions depends on the problem of the couple and their compliance with the treatment. Recovery rates also depend on the technique applied, as well as the couple's fulfillment of the given homework, in short, the recovery effort.

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