School Service Vehicles Regulation Change

School Bus Vehicles Regulation Change
School Service Vehicles Regulation Change

In line with the main decision of the Eighth Chamber of the Turkish State Council of State for 2021/5662, the execution of some amendments made in the Regulation on School Service Vehicles, in the Official Gazette numbered 31579, has been suspended.

Accordingly, the following points in the inspection of school bus vehicles will be valid as of 27.06.2022:

Window Film and Tinted Glasses (Including Original Factory Glasses)

Glass cannot be used, and colored film layers are not allowed, except for the transparent glass in compliance with the type approval legislation, published by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, which shows the interior of the school busses. In this direction, tinted windows will not be allowed in school bus vehicles, even if they are factory-made, and these vehicles will be deemed to be severely defective.

Seat Sensor, Indoor Cameras, 3 Point Belt etc. New Features

Before the aforementioned Council of State decision, only the 2018 model and after school service vehicles are sought after; As of 3, the features of 27.06.2022-point seat belt, seat-sensitive sensor seat and interior camera system will also be sought in vehicles with the model age of 2017 and earlier, and vehicles that do not have these features will be considered severely defective.

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