Peugeot 408 Conducts Final Pre-Debut Tests!

Peugeot Conducts Final Tests Before Promotion
Peugeot 408 Conducts Final Pre-Debut Tests!

PEUGEOT, one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers, continues to carry out tests on the way to perfection, although it still hides the details of its brand new 408 model with camouflage. The new model continues to undergo rigorous tests as it prepares for production to hit the roads in the fall. With all these comprehensive tests, it is aimed that PEUGEOT will not compromise on quality and excellence, from the very first moment of production. All details of the New PEUGEOT 408, which has been subjected to extensive tests by applying a highly sensitive protocol, including roads, laboratories and special tests, will be revealed on June 22.

PEUGEOT, which has entered into a transformation towards perfection with its new design approach, brand new lion logo and brand identity, continues to work hard to achieve this perfection in each new model. The French manufacturer carries out a complete testing process for this purpose in its brand new model 408, whose details are still confidential. First of all, different simulations are applied with the help of advanced computer programs in order to use the resources in the best way and speed up the development process. Then the Internal Verification Plan (IVP) is put into operation, which covers a series of tests on every part and module of the car. After these extensive tests, the new PEUGEOT 408, which we will see on the roads, is preparing to make a difference with its innovative design. Prepared to attract attention with its dynamic lines and unprecedented innovative structure, the 408 will be officially introduced to car lovers in the last week of June 2022.

1 million 100 thousand kilometers traveled

The verification teams took the first heavily camouflaged samples of the new 408 and built the test cars by placing plastic and foam elements under a layer of adhesive film with graphics that blurred the perception of lines and volumes to complete the illusion. With these test cars, the new PEUGEOT 408 covered a total of approximately 1.100.000 km in all possible conditions, in different road conditions and in many climates. Water crossing points, asphalt and uneven roads, gravel, extreme heat, extreme cold, day and night, every possible condition has been repeatedly tested, studied and evaluated. Every kilometer covered in these harsh conditions is equivalent to tens of kilometers traveled by a normal user.

Higher voltage than a human can withstand

The tests on the PEUGEOT 408 are getting tougher day by day. While the camouflage of the vehicle becomes lighter over time and when test conditions require, cars without camouflage in secluded test areas, laboratories and wind tunnels are subjected to many tests under difficult conditions, often even on the road. A four-column bench applies surge voltages to measure the car's structural fatigue. It's impossible for a human to sit behind the wheel and withstand the stress this machine exerts on the vehicle.

“Our aim is excellence”

PEUGEOT 408 Project Director Emmanuel LAFAURY said: “Our aim is excellence. We are working to test not only the technical qualities of the new PEUGEOT 408, but also its customer performance, that is, in every situation its users may encounter. With each test, we increase the difficulty on the road, in the labs, and on the testing ground. We push ourselves to achieve the perfection we aim for. "It's really a pleasure to work hard on this project, because each of us is in love with the new 408."

A brand new PEUGEOT model with an attractive silhouette

The camouflaged new 408 stands out as a dynamic model with an upgraded body and large wheels. It exhibits a 'cat' stance, which is also noticeable in other models of the brand. Designed to offer high driving pleasure, the new PEUGEOT 408 has undergone extensive aerodynamic studies optimizing airflow from every angle.

The new PEUGEOT model will be marketed in China as the 408X and outside of China as the PEUGEOT 408.

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