Free Neighborhood Center Will Serve Children

Ozgur Neighborhood Center Will Serve Children
Free Neighborhood Center Will Serve Children

Karabağlar Municipality's Free District Center will be completely renovated and will serve children and their families. After the studies are completed, special programs will be implemented free of charge in order to support and strengthen the personal development of children.

Karabağlar Municipality Science Affairs Directorate teams continue to work on arrangement in the center. Works such as exterior and interior façade, joinery, electrical and plumbing, painting and whitewashing of the building continue.

Karabağlar Mayor Muhittin Selvitopu supervised the physical works in the building on site and gave various instructions regarding the additional works to be done. Mayor Selvitopu, who wants to take safety and hygiene measures in the building, which will be used extensively by children, said, “We will be responding to an important need for our children in this region where our low-income families are concentrated. While contributing to their personal development, we will organize various training programs for their parents. We will continue to work uninterruptedly for the benefit of society.”

President Selvitopu also talked to the citizens living in the region during his examination. sohbet He.

2 separate classes will be opened

Free Children's House will serve the age group of 09.00-12.00 months, with morning group between 13.30-16.30 and lunch group between 36-60 on weekdays. In the Children's House, a training program that supports and strengthens the development of children in this group will be implemented. There will be 36 separate classes for 48-48 months and 60-2 months age groups. Services will be free.

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