Lexus Celebrates World Music Day in Collaboration

Lexus Celebrates World Music Day Collaboratively
Lexus Celebrates World Music Day in Collaboration

Lexus celebrates World Music Day in collaboration with luxury audio specialist Mark Levinson. Providing a great music experience to millions of Lexus users around the world, the Mark Levinson collaboration succeeds in raising the standards of in-car entertainment system in the premium segment. The systems, which offer the best experience in all music styles and contents, make the people in the vehicle feel themselves in that atmosphere.

The development of the audio system for Lexus models begins about 5 years before the model's launch, and the vehicle's cabin is under extensive scrutiny. This detailed work results in near-zero sound distortion and crystal clear acoustic performance. Finally, the two companies that achieved this success in the new NX model aim to continue this in all new Lexus models.

The custom-made Mark Levinson sound system used in the new NX SUV model creates a 7.1 surround sound effect with the new PurePlay architecture, bringing the sound closer to the ear level of the listeners and extending the experience in an in-car audio system beyond expectations. This Lexus sound quality contributes to the brand's omotenashi hospitality philosophy, making the occupants feel completely at home.

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