İGA Istanbul Airport Leveled Up in 'Carbon Emissions Certificate'

IGA Istanbul Airport Leveled Up in 'Carbon Emissions Certificate'
İGA Istanbul Airport Leveled Up in 'Carbon Emissions Certificate'

Strengthening its position as the most important global hub of the region with its infrastructure, technology and high-level travel experience, IGA Istanbul Airport achieved a great success by raising the 'Carbon Emissions Certificate to Level 3' within the scope of Airport Carbon Accreditation given by the International Airports Council (ACI Europe). threw.

As a result of the carbon footprint management and reduction studies carried out within the framework of the environment and sustainability policy, İGA Istanbul Airport has been awarded the international certificate by raising the First Level Carbon Emission Certificate within the scope of Airport Carbon Accreditation given by the International Airports Council (ACI Europe) to Level 3 in a short time. kazanwas.

Fulfilling its obligations under the Airport Carbon Accreditation Program initiated by the International Airports Council in 2009, IGA Istanbul Airport has included scope 3 emissions of its stakeholders in the airport ecosystem, along with Level 3, into its carbon management activities.

İGA Istanbul Airport Increases Its Impact on Combating Climate Change

At IGA Istanbul Airport, where sustainability is located at the center of all activities, work is carried out in line with the principle of sustainability at every stage from design to construction, from the construction period to the operation process. The effectiveness and value of sustainability activities are shared with the entire industry and the public by taking place in internationally accepted sustainability platforms.

The ACI Carbon Accreditation Program, which is the only institutionally approved global carbon management certification program for airports, stands out as an important indicator in carbon management. The effectiveness of the activities carried out at IGA Istanbul Airport in combating climate change, which is one of the most important ESG risks today, is expressed at an international and high level with this certification process. In this direction, İGA Istanbul Airport, which adds scope 1 and 2 emissions reported every year, as well as scope 3 emissions where stakeholder management activities take place, is entitled to receive the ACA Level 3 certificate. kazanwas. Thus, all activities at IGA Istanbul Airport, from the transportation of the guests to the airport to the flight operations, were included in the carbon footprint reports with a life-cycle perspective.

Carbon Footprint Management Continues Successfully…

Within the scope of the studies carried out to reduce the Carbon Emission; At İGA Istanbul Airport, greenhouse gas sources were determined and calculation methodologies were defined. From the date of opening, the energy consumption data of the entire airport can be monitored and greenhouse gas emissions can be calculated.

At IGA Istanbul Airport, where it is aimed to reduce carbon emissions, it will continue to fulfill the requirements of ISO 14064:2018 Greenhouse Gas Calculation and Verification Management System Standard and Airport Carbon Accreditation program for the measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. IGA Istanbul Airport plans to implement ISO 14064:2018 certification and ACA LEVEL 4 certification in the next two years.

Thanks to the greenhouse gas management system, which works in integration with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, greenhouse gas emission sources were determined effectively, and improvement activities were carried out on important energy consuming points.

In order to reduce carbon emissions at IGA Istanbul Airport, remote monitoring and control using IoT Internet of Things technology, monitoring of energy consumption with energy efficiency analysis system software, management of energy from a single center, mechanical automation system applications, efficient winter cooling applications, etc. actions were taken, stakeholder management activities and training programs and awareness-raising programs were carried out for all airport employees.

Reaching the Future is Being Sustainable…

Evaluating the efforts to reduce carbon emissions at Istanbul Airport, İGA Istanbul Airport CEO Kadri Samsunlu said; “Eligible for the First Level Carbon Emissions Certificate kazanI have stated that I have no doubt that we will receive the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level certificates when we do. I am extremely happy that we have achieved significant progress by reaching Level 3 in a short time. By focusing on human life, respect for the environment and society, we continue our sustainability activities without slowing down. While we offer more efficient solutions for today's needs, we also develop approaches that prioritize the sustainability of resources by considering the needs of our industry, our stakeholders, the environment and future generations. We certify these approaches through international organizations. As İGA, we are determined to minimize our impact on the climate by reducing our carbon footprint at Istanbul Airport. Our aim is to create sustainable model airports and model cities that can transform their waste by creating an exemplary model for future generations. Sustainability will always be in our focus, at the point of ensuring a self-sufficient continuity of the world and the environment.

Raising not one but two levels in Airport Carbon Accreditation is a great success…

Olivier Jankovec, General Director of ACI EUROPE, said, “Since the opening of Istanbul Airport, IGA has been increasing day by day in terms of service quality and operational performance. As can be clearly seen from its current achievements, the sensitivity of this Turkish center to nature is among its main priorities as a result of its principles of excellence. Especially in this period when we are just getting over the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, raising not one but two levels in Airport Carbon Accreditation is a remarkable achievement that requires determination and investment for the airport. I would like to congratulate the IGA Istanbul Airport team for their Level 2 'Optimization' achievements, which have shown that they have greatly reduced the "Airport controlled CO3" emissions and enabled their operational stakeholders to do their part. This wide-ranging area of ​​responsibility is an important step towards achieving the 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emissions target, which covers different industries and was created under the leadership of ACI EUROPE.

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