A Journey to the World of Healing Started with the Aromatherapy Festival

Aromatherapy Festival at the Foothills of Kazdaglari
Aromatherapy Festival on the Foothills of Kaz Mountains

The journey to the healing world of aromatherapy started with the Aromatherapy Festival, organized by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality with the theme of "Goodness, Health, Beauty from the Field to Harvest".

The opening of the first and only Aromatherapy Festival in Turkey and the world, which was held for the third time this year by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality with the theme of "Goodness, Health, Beauty from the Field to Harvest", was held at the Farmer Training Center in Burhaniye with the participation of Balıkesir Mayor Yücel Yılmaz. Hosting many events from workshops to medicinal and aromatic plant harvesting, from training seminars to concerts, the 3rd Aromatherapy Festival offers its participants close acquaintance with soil and plants, technical knowledge and practical skills. kazanoffers the opportunity.

Journey to the healing world of aromatherapy

Serkan Akça, Head of the Rural Services Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, who made the opening speech of the festival, which started with the Olive Seeds concert, said that they will travel to the healing world of aromatherapy at Balıkesir Farmer Training Center for 4 days and said, "We are very proud that many of our producers who opened stands in our festival were our trainees." Emphasizing that it is very important for them to come together and create a power in the world's first and only aromatherapy festival, Prof. Dr. Murat Kartal said, “It is an honor to talk about aromatherapy at such a festival. I would like to thank our Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Yücel Yılmaz, who brought us together.”

Rich and fertile geography

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz said that they live in a rich, fertile and appreciated geography: “Our geography extends to the Aegean on one side, Marmara on one side and Central Anatolia on the other. Compared to our large area, our population is quite small. We have entered the summer season. We are now in a region visited by more than a million people. In the region; In the summer months, we collect one million kilograms of garbage every day, with an average of one kilogram per person per day. We want to protect and protect these beauties together. We have eliminated the garbage, which has been stored wildly for many years and pollutes nature and our water, from being a problem. We closed and rehabilitated all the wild storage areas," he said.

It will return as added value

Expressing that they carry out activities that reveal and promote the values ​​of the city, Chairman Yücel Yılmaz said, “The Aromatherapy Festival is the face of our city that opens to the outside with all its beauties. We want Balıkesir to be known and prosperous. We have a strong staff. I am sure that very valuable brands will emerge from this city and each of them will return to our Balıkesir as added value.”

Chairman Yılmaz also stated that Balıkesir Farmer Training Center carries out important studies to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of farmers in the detection, dissemination and evaluation of alternative agricultural products, which are unique in Turkey.

They harvested

After the opening of the 3rd Aromatherapy Festival, which was attended by the Honorary First President of the Supreme Court İsmail Rüştü Cirit and Edremit Mayor Selman Hasan Arslan, the participants had the opportunity to experience the distillation process step by step while participating in the lavender and pelargonium harvest. The first day of the Festival, which continued with seminars on aromatherapy in body, mind and mental health, ended with a bicycle tour on a 30-kilometer route. The festival will continue until Sunday, July 3rd.

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