The Expected Date for Teacher Appointments Has Been Announced!

Expected Date for Teacher Appointments Announced
The Expected Date for Teacher Appointments Has Been Announced!

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, There are 1.2 million teachers in our education system. We do not have any year without appointment, every year teachers are appointed. I have said before that our work continues and we have completed our work with the Ministry of Finance for the appointment of teachers. "We will share the process with the public so that appointments will be made in the first week of September," he said.

Minister Özer said, “Hopefully, we will share the process with the public so that appointments will be made in the first week of the 2022-2023 academic year. We will make 50 percent of the appointments in Istanbul. The teachers we will appoint will also give them to the field of pre-school teaching as a branch. There was a serious shortage of pre-school education. In the last 6 months, we have brought 400 children together with kindergarten. We will build 1000 new kindergartens in Istanbul, we will finish them by the end of 2022”.

Highlights from Minister Özer's assessments: While we make all our efforts for our human capital's access to qualified education and the massification of education, on the other hand, we need to articulate the mechanisms that will strengthen the production capacity of those young generations and their innovative approaches to increase the competitive power of the country within our education system. .

Face-to-face training completed without interruption

We completed the 2021-2022 academic year without interruption by continuing face-to-face education. After a year and a half, we are happy to complete our school successfully as of June 17th, by following the health rules together with our teachers and all our stakeholders, without interrupting any of our schools one day. Because in this process, everyone in the whole world and Turkey learned for the first time that schools are not just a learning center. Schools have seen that they are places where students' psychosocial development and culture and art initiatives take place. Of course, the heroes of this process, our teachers, I would like to thank our teacher very much. As the Minister of National Education, I have crowned my thanks with a certificate of success. We have a huge education system. We have an education system of 18,9 million students and 1,2 million teachers. Therefore, it was not possible for us to normalize Turkey without normalizing our education system.

summer schools

We do not leave our students alone in the summer either. We are opening four summer courses. We opened the science and art centers to all our students for the first time this summer. All our students from the 2nd to the 12th grade will be able to attend the science and art summer schools offered free of charge in all places where we have science and art centers. We have also provided flexibility here. When they go anywhere in Turkey, they can apply during the summer vacation and the application process is currently ongoing, this also applies to our teachers. Our teachers do not have to be in their schools, that is, in the schools where they are in education.

The process continues, but the applications for mathematics and English are over. A new approach to mathematics has developed. It is a new approach to strengthen our students' relationships with mathematics, to show how important mathematics is in daily life, not only for engineering students and medical students, but also for all of our individuals, and to be able to design accordingly. Mathematics mobilization. It is very important for me to prioritize this issue.

Placement process under LGS

LGS results will be announced on 30 June. There will be no problems with placements. Last year, 92 percent of students were placed in one of the top 3 high schools they preferred. 52 percent settled on their first choice. Half of the students are already placed on their first choice. May our families and students be well. There is no problem.

We give our libraries the names of our living human treasures. We started with rising speeds, followed by Alev Alatlı, İlber Ortaylı and İhsan Fazlıoğlu… Our aim here is to integrate our people of culture, art and science with our schools. The process of cultural literacy has begun. Where does the cultural vein of these lands go? What thoughts did our intellectuals and thinkers produce? Our young people need to know this.

Village schools-village life centers

We started our village life project in Samsun. We want to offer those schools to the service of our citizens within our education system. They were idle buildings and we made an expansion here; We aimed to use it primarily for education. We changed the regulation about the village primary school. Regardless of the number of students, our village schools can be opened all over Turkey.

We also made a change in the regulation about kindergarten. We reduced the number of students from 10 in the village school to 5. With this small step, we opened kindergarten classes in 1.800 village schools and approximately 12 thousand children in the village met with village schools.

With village life centers, we aim not only to reopen village schools but also to establish a much more comprehensive life center. Beyond eliminating transported education, we will provide the education service that all our citizens in the village want, and we will make our children benefit from those opportunities.

Disabled public education center

It is the "integration/integration" method that is taken as a basis in the education of disabled people all over the world, and our focus in the education of our children with special educational needs in Turkey is to ensure that our special children receive education, socialize and develop together with their peers. We made a very important move regarding the education of our disabled people: There was no educational institution for our disabled brothers and sisters over the age of 18. With the support of Ms. Emine Erdoğan, we have progressed in this regard, and for the first time in Turkey, we have established our “public education centers for the disabled” in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.

With the very important decisions and practices taken by our Ministry, we have removed the barriers to education for our citizens of all ages. As a country, we are in a much better position than most countries in continental Europe in terms of special education. Another of our most important moves in this period was in the field of “vocational education”. We have cooperation with the sector and its representatives in all fields of vocational education. Sector representatives no longer wait for graduates. We train and graduate our students together with them. As of today, our students who continue their vocational education receive both education and money. kazanIt also produces and exports.

For the first time in the history of the Ministry of National Education, products from our vocational technical schools were registered and commercialization of 74 products was ensured. The amendment we made to the Vocational Education Law No. 25 on December 2001, 3200 was one of our very important moves. In this process, where we strengthened vocational education, 370 thousand new young people got acquainted with vocational education.

vocational training

Our goal by the end of 2022 is to bring 1 million young people together with vocational training. Thus, we have made two important breakthroughs with the distance we have covered in vocational education: We have become able to respond to the personnel needs of the labor market. We have increased the employment opportunities by reducing the youth unemployment rate in our country.

We have established sales offices at the door of the application areas of all our agricultural vocational high schools. Our citizens will be able to buy the products produced by our students at very reasonable prices.

Commercialization of products registered in vocational high schools

The production capacity in vocational training increased from 200 million bands to 2021 billion 1 million in 162. Our students received a share of nearly 50 million TL. Vocational high schools export. We have moved from an education system that receives 3 intellectual property registrations a year to an education system that receives 2022 registrations in 7. 200 of them were commercialized. For the first time in the history of national education, the products registered by the Ministry of National Education have been commercialized.” said.

A vocational high school in Istanbul exported abroad for the first time. He produced paper towels. The nice thing is, they also produced it for the machine that produces paper towels. We will quickly expand this machine in all our provinces. 2022 In the 2023 academic year, we will have met the need for paper towels in all our schools.

We do not have a problem with presenting technological opportunities, but we must manage the use of technology well. Problems arose about technology addiction during the epidemic process. It is impossible for us to say no to technology. But we need to use technology very rationally.

No donations will be accepted under the name of registration fee.

The alleged thing is: 'The Ministry of National Education cannot meet the needs of schools. If it cannot meet the needs of our schools, let's get donations through parent-teacher associations or different mechanisms.' As the Minister of National Education, I say that we have the budget, the strength and the will to meet all the needs of our schools. As of yesterday, we gave the opening start of 2022-2023 from Istanbul. We have started to work to meet all needs. We transferred 1 billion TL of resources to Istanbul. 500 million TL of this is for the cleaning and stationery needs of our schools in Istanbul. 250 million TL for the minor repairs of our schools, 250 million TL for the equipment needs of our schools. School parent associations are our stakeholders. Voluntary donations can be made, but never to register. They can donate to parent-teacher associations, we have no problem with that, but 'You will pay this much to register' will never happen. As the Ministry, we will follow this in all our provinces.

This is my first time explaining here. We were able to send resources to schools at the secondary level, but not for basic education. Primary school was sent to provinces and districts for secondary school. For the first time, we are sending it to all schools from this week. According to the needs of our schools, we will send less budget to those who have a great need, and our schools will enter the 2022-2023 academic year by making up for all their shortcomings.

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