Petrol Ofisi Met with Heavy Vehicle Drivers at Maximus Roadshow

Petrol Ofisi Meets with Heavy Vehicle Drivers at Maximus Roadshow
Petrol Ofisi Met with Heavy Vehicle Drivers at Maximus Roadshow

Petrol Ofisi took to the roadshow with Maximus, its exclusive brand in heavy commercial vehicle engine oils. At Maximus Roadshow held between 16 May and 4 June, more than 14 heavy vehicle drivers were reached in 2.500 different cities. Within the scope of the event, the participants both learned about Petrol Ofisi and Maximus products in the training sessions given in the truck, and tried and tested Maximus motor oils in the colorful competitions. kazanThey found the opportunity.

Petrol Ofisi Maximus engine oils, one of the most preferred brands by heavy commercial vehicle users in Turkey, appeared on the roadshow. Petrol Ofisi distributor sales team, lubricants marketing team and Petrol Ofisi distributors, heavy vehicle/truck drivers met in the field within the scope of Maximus Roadshow held between 16 May and 4 June.

Events were held at 14 different points in 15 different cities of Turkey with the roadshow organized to introduce Maximus, the powerful engine oil developed by Petrol Ofisi, the leader of the Turkish fuel and mineral oils markets, for heavy commercial vehicles, to inform users about oil usage and to measure user satisfaction.

Participants were informed about Petrol Ofisi and Maximus

The roadshow, accompanied by the Petrol Ofisi Maximus truck, attracted great interest in the field. 2.665 people, mainly heavy vehicle drivers and masters, attended the training and activities organized during the event. The participants, who were taken into the trucks in groups of 15, were given training on Petrol Ofisi and Maximus motor oils. Petrol Ofisi mineral oil technical services team answered heavy vehicle drivers' questions about engine oil and engine maintenance.

Try Maximus oils and kazanthey found the opportunity

Competing in their knowledge and skills in the award-winning competitions held during the Roadshow, the participants tried and tested Maximus motor oils. kazanThey found the opportunity. KazanIn addition to Maximus oils, various awards were distributed to lara, especially Maximus Adam kits, which consist of materials that heavy vehicle drivers can use during their journeys. Participants also had a pleasant time with games such as darts and foosball set up in the event area.

Selim Yuhay was the surprise guest of Maximus Roashow

The surprise guest of the Maximus Roashow event held at Gebze Marmara Truck Garage on May 18 was Selim Yuhay, the beloved architect of the screens. Under the sponsorship of Maximus, Petrol Ofisi's strong brand in motor oils, Selim Yuhay, who brought the lives of heavy vehicle drivers to the screen and renewed their cabins, attracted great attention from the participants at the event. Yuhay, who organizes competitions within the scope of Roadshow, kazanHe also distributed various gifts.

At the same time, participation applications were received for the "My Second Home on the Roads with Selim Yuhay" program, to which heavy vehicle drivers showed great interest.

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