Why is Breakfast Important?

Why is Breakfast Important?
Why is Breakfast Important?

Dietitian Salih Gürel gave important information about the subject. Your body that is hungry all night deserves a good breakfast. You ask why? Because ; A period of approximately 12 hours passes between dinner and morning. During this time, the body uses all of the nutrients. The most important meal and the key to the energy we spend is breakfast. Breakfast should be eaten no later than two hours after getting up. Thus, you can both obtain the necessary energy and spend most of the day in a much fuller way. When the breakfast eaters and those who did not, were compared, it was observed that those who did not eat breakfast and took the daily calories lost weight at the same rate. However, breakfast is about much more than weight loss. Because breakfast determines the quality of cognitive performance we will exhibit throughout the day. In other words, the way to feel good, adapt to the day and easily handle mental tasks is through breakfast. If you do not have breakfast in the morning, there will be a decrease in the energy used by the brain. In this case, problems such as fatigue, headache, lack of attention and perception are experienced. Children's school performance decreases. An adequate and balanced breakfast menu is very important in starting the day willingly and maintaining it in an appropriate way.

What to Eat for a Sufficient and Balanced Breakfast

  • Consuming foods high in protein (such as milk, eggs, cheese)
  • Eating fruits and vegetables provides satiety for a long time. Vegetables such as tomatoes, parsley, fresh pepper, fruits such as oranges and apples or freshly squeezed orange juice should be present at the breakfast table.
  • While vegetables and fruits make breakfast balanced in terms of vitamin C, they increase the absorption of iron mineral and reduce blood cholesterol level.
  • Drinking a glass of milk for breakfast, eating an egg, consuming vegetables or fruits such as an orange, cucumber or tomato are the most important steps to start the day in a dynamic and healthy way.
  • There should always be a glass of milk in the breakfast of children, especially in the age of growth and development. Children who do not like to drink milk should consume enough cheese or yoghurt.
  • The main foods to be given to children for breakfast are cheese, olives, eggs, jam, honey, molasses, bread, breakfast cereals, vegetables and fruits.

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