Surprise from EGO General Directorate to EGO Uniform Fans

Surprise from EGO General Directorate to EGO Uniform Fans
Surprise from EGO General Directorate to EGO Uniform Fans

Firdevs Aslan, who applied to the EGO General Directorate, stated that his disabled son liked the uniform with the "EGO" emblem worn by the bus drivers and wanted to have it persistently, and requested a set of uniforms if possible.

He stated that he wanted to surprise his son, Gencay Aslan, who has the 7th Chromosome Disorder, to the authorities who contacted Firdevs Aslan based on the request. He stated that if he did, his son would be happy. The officials, who said that the outfit would be supplied and delivered to them as soon as possible, shared the issue with Zafer Tekbudak, Deputy General Manager of EGO. In response to this demand, Tekbudak immediately contacted BUGSAS General Directorate and provided a set of uniforms.

With an organization held, Gencay Aslan and his mother Firdevs Aslan were hosted at the EGO General Directorate 3rd Regional Bus Management Directorate in Mamak. Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak also attended this program and presented Gencay Aslana with a driver's shirt and trousers with EGO emblem. Gencay Aslan, who immediately put on the clothes he bought, said that he wanted to get on the red buses in the car park. Gencay Aslan, who got into the vehicle in his EGO driver's uniform and took a photo in the driver's seat, then took a short tour around the campus. Gencay Aslan, who was very happy to be in the clothes he wanted so much, to tour with the new bus and the attention he received, invited the EGO management staff in the program to have tea at his home.

In the program where the Head of the Bus Operations Department Yahya Şanlıer and the Head of the Service Improvement and Institutional Development Department Ayten Gök were present, mother Firdevs Aslan thanked the authorities for their interest and sensitivity.

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