Snow Curtain Film Festival to Start Tomorrow

Snow Curtain Film Festival to Start Tomorrow
Snow Curtain Film Festival to Start Tomorrow

Snow Curtain Film Festival, a festival with a rare example in the world, begins.

The festival, where films will be screened on a white screen built entirely of snow on Lake Çıldır, will begin to host moviegoers on 3 March.

The festival, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema and TRT, will be realized with the logistics contributions of Ardahan Municipality, Çıldır Municipality and SERKA Agency.

The opening of the festival, organized by the Film Directors Association, will begin with the screening of the movie Inat Stories starring Tuncel Kurtiz.

The festival, which will be enriched with traditional cultural activities as well as the participation of the people of the region, will continue as a gala every evening.

A selection of films shot in Çıldır, Ardahan and Kars regions will meet the audience at the festival, which will be held for the first time.

Kardan Curtain Film Festival, which is aimed to be organized as an award-winning festival with international participation in the coming years, will continue until 7 March.

Festival Program

In the festival, where a screening will take place every evening alternately on two snow curtains set up on Lake Çıldır and in the center of Ardahan;

Reis Çelik's Stories of Stubbornness, Zeki Demirkubuz's Destiny, Murat Saraçoğlu's Being Crazy, Faruk Hacıhafızoğlu's Snow Pirates, Atalay Taşdiken's Snow Red, Rıza Sönmez's Don't Tell Orhan Cotton, Snow Novel in the Movie I Shot in Kars Yes, Mustafa Karadeniz's Çınar and Ankara Cinema Association Directors' films called Kars Stories will be screened.

During the daytime sessions, documentary screenings and interviews will be held in indoor halls in Çıldır and Ardahan.

In addition to the snow screen screenings to be held with the participation of the director and actors, side events such as a short walking marathon on the lake, the Devil's Castle ride and the Night of Lovers will be organized to increase the awareness of the local culture and contribute to the promotion of our regional cultural richness.

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