Pandemic Increases Interest in Virtual and Serviced Offices!

serviced office
serviced office

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our lives. Some of these changes were related to working styles and fields of study. The change in working styles and fields of work has given birth to new business ideas and new working models. With the closures, the remote working model first became a part of our daily life, and with the openings, the hybrid working model. Companies and employees who have adapted to these new working models have started to prefer options such as virtual office, serviced office and shared office.

In the pandemic, most companies have had a taste of remote work. Since the companies observed that the remote working process increased the productivity of some employees, they started to look for solutions that could implement the hybrid model. This system can be easily provided with serviced offices, co-working spaces, shared offices and virtual offices. Since these systems are shared, they offered individuals and companies the opportunity to rent offices at lower prices. CoBAC Workspace Managing Partner Yıldız Doğan Gürcüoğlu said that they are pleased with the increasing interest in joint work areas and evaluated the process for us.

CoBAC Workspace has grown in the pandemic!

When we took the first steps of CoBAC, no one knew about the pandemic. Although common work areas were preferred by people before the pandemic, companies did not prefer them as work offices. Along with the pandemic shared office We can say that the interest in service areas and serviced offices has increased considerably. Most of the companies that have experienced the remote working model have turned to open offices instead of plaza-style offices and started to take place in coworking areas. Of course, it would be wrong to think only in terms of companies. People who do or decide to do their own business also preferred shared offices. For example, freelancers from the occupational groups we call creative professionals got bored of working at home and started looking for new places. At this point, the common office logic became a way out for them as well. New business owners have also started to be interested in the virtual office service offered by coworking spaces, both in terms of cost and usage. Office expenses, which is one of the biggest challenges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that continues to grow in our country, has been overcome with lower prices thanks to the legal address opportunity provided by virtual offices.

The only thing that didn't go online was meetings.

Although the pandemic has changed and transformed many things in our lives, online meetings have not been a one-to-one alternative to physical meetings. One of the reasons for this is that the way to work together is through productive meetings. People need physical contact with their co-workers, project partners or stakeholders. Although most jobs are solved faster in the internet environment, this is for physical communication. meeting rooms seems necessary. We have 6 different meeting rooms designed with different needs in mind. Our meeting rooms, which can be easily adjusted according to the number of participants, host many teams during the day. It is also among the reasons why our guests prefer to have all the equipment they may need during the meeting in the meeting rooms. In addition, we give our members the right to use the meeting room within their CoBAC membership. We offer meeting room usage rights in many packages from virtual office membership to shared space membership.

CoBAC Workspace opens its doors to anyone who wants to step into the new working world with its serviced offices, common areas, meeting spaces and more. With its location in the center of Eminönü, within walking distance of the ferry port and the Golden Horn metro station, it offers you the most accessible view of Istanbul, as well as your office!

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