Domestic Assault Rifle for Special Forces Command: SAR56

Domestic Assault Rifle SAR56 for Special Forces Command
Domestic Assault Rifle SAR56 for Special Forces Command

Upon the emerging need, the Special Forces Command (ÖKK) purchased Sarsılmaz's Sar 416 5 assault rifle instead of the existing HK 56 A5,56s. In addition to the newly procured domestic weapons, the existing HK 416 A5s will continue to be used.

During the Jinnah 2022 exercise conducted by ÖKK and Pakistan SAS, the Sar 56 assault rifle and KNT 76 sniper rifle in the ÖKK inventory were displayed. In addition, Sarsılmaz production Sar 9 SP model was also displayed.

Local assault rifle SAR to Special Forces Command

The Sar56 is an assault rifle that uses 5,56×45mm NATO ammunition. The gun is an AR-15, powered by a short stroke gas piston system. It has a cheek-supported telescopic stock and a quadrail fore-end. 7,5″, 11″ and 14,5″ models are available. It has a glass magazine where we can see the number of bullets. The controls are double sided, the magazine release latch and the mechanism release latch are double sided.

In order to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces for 7.62x51mm Squad Type Sniper Rifle, the project was started on May 15, 2014 in order to develop a new Squad Type Sniper Rifle by adhering to the parts of the Modern Infantry Rifle (MPT) as much as possible. The gun, whose firing mode is semi-automatic, works with Gas Piston Moving Rotary Head Locking system. In the project; In order to ensure product qualification, 5 guns were prepared as prototypes. 4 (four) weapons selected with the participation of the Ministry of National Defense and the CC Command were subjected to 18 tests. As a result of the tests carried out by the MKE Arms Factory between 05 October 2015 and 16 November 2015, the weapon successfully passed the tests under the supervision of the participating delegation. After the finalization of the test result reports, the said reports were submitted to the MSB and a Product Qualification Certificate was requested. On December 9, 2015, "Product Qualification Certificate" was obtained for the KNT-76 Sniper Rifle.

Special Forces Command's inventory includes the HK416A5, Colt M4A1 and now Sar56 assault rifles. There are KAC M110 SASS, KNT76, McMillan TAC-50 as sniper rifles.

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